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How do Make Cornrows

You may have such questions as How To Cornrows and What Are Cornrows,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Braid Cornrows. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Make Your Own Cornrows,too. Read more as following:

Making cornrows is just another term for braids. Cornrows are usually worn straight back. Part the hair in small sections, and begin at the front of the hairline. Braid the hair until it stops at the back. Repeat the next row the same way.

How to Cornrow?

Cornrow braided hair is an easy fix to unmanageable hair. Start by sectioning off where you want to start, then take a small section of hair to start he row. As you work down the scalp, pick up more pieces of hair as you go along. Look here for more... More »

What are cornrows?

Cornrows are hair braids that are tight and close to the head. The name 'cornrows' was given to the hairstyle because the hair is braided in rows that bear some resemblance to rows of corn crops. While the standard hairstyle involves straight braids... More »

How to braid & cornrow?

1. Decide which direction you want the cornrows to go. You can cornrow in any direction you like, from the front of your head down to the nape of your neck or perhaps horizontally across your head. 2. Part your hair according to the sections of cornr... More »

How to Make Cornrows?

Make cornrows by sectioning the hair off, then pick up a small section to start the braid. As you work down the scalp braiding, pick up pieces of hair to include in the row. ... More »

How to Cornrow Hair?

Cornrow your hair by sectioning off where you want to start. Pick up a small section, and start the braid. As you work down the scalp, you pick up sections of hair to add to the stitches of braids. ... More »

How to cornrow your own hair?

Video Transcript. Hi, this is Melissa Ndubilo at Pampered Tresses in Allen, Texas and this is how to cornrow your own hair. First, you want to take three small sections at the hairline and just start grabbing sections of your hair as you're going bac... More »


  1. Random Reply:

    I would have the front with cornrows and the back in micros. Good or Bad idea?

  2. Lilly Calla Reply:

    I really like the look of shaving 1/3 of the side of your head off. But I don’t want to go so far as to actually do that. I just want plain, cornrows that go straight back that covers 1/3 of my head. How much do you think that would cost? I live in NYC. Do you recommend any good salons to do that?

  3. Theanswernator Reply:

    How long do I let my hair grow to get braids or cornrows ?

    I have short hair right now How long ? How many months do i have to wait ?

  4. Hailey Reply:

    Hey, i’m looking to get cornrows done but i’m not sure where to go to get them done. I live in scarborough but i can drive a bit farther away. By the way i’m asian.

  5. Miriam Reply:

    The hair on both sides of my head (from just above my ears and upward; the upper layer at the top of my head is still long) only reaches about two or three inches, due to a cut that I’m currently growing out. About how much longer does it need to grow before cornrows can be put in?

  6. Joo Reply:

    I went on vacation to the caribbean and got my hair braided. (top is cornrows, then braids all the way down with beads) How long do they last and what shud i do to care for them?

  7. 3taya Reply:

    I really want some.Yes,I’m white,but I’m tan from being outside all the time.How long does your hair have to be to get cornrows done?Please show a picture if possible,or be really really descriptive.

  8. Alaysha Reply:

    Allen Iverson shaves the cornrows off.

    The end of a nasty era has finally come. Now perhaps he will start playing decent basketball. He must be desperate, his next contract is going to be pretty ugly.

  9. Robert Rubeni Reply:

    I’m thinking of getting cornrows and i want to know how long it as 2 be. And 1 more thing does it matter that im white

  10. Amoure Reply:

    I got a buzz haircut a month ish ago, and i wanna grow my hair long to get Cornrows OR Dreadlocks, how long would yu think it’ll take? how long does it have to be? how much would it cost? please help mee

  11. Miamigrl895 Reply:

    I want a different hairstyle and I was thinking about cornrows. I was just wondering how much it would cost, how long it would take to get done, and how long the style would last. My hair is wavy and goes down to my hips, just to give you an idea of my hair volume and length.

  12. Yadissac Tloh Reply:

    looking for a sexy new look cornrows or twists with bangs.
    and if you have any what tips will enable me to stand out from da crowd?

  13. Lydia Reply:

    Obviously I’m a newb at this and I was researching how to do cornrows, on some websites people were saying they’re basically the same things.

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