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How do You Braid Hair With Weave

You may have such questions as How Do You French Braid Hair and How To Braid Hair With A Weave,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Weave Braid Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do You French Braid Hair in Pigtails,too. Read more as following:

To braid hair with weave you will want to place the weave with a section of hair. Then you will divide the hair and weave in to three small sections and begin to braid downwards.

How do you french braid hair?

.... section into three even pieces. Place the left section between... ...MORE...... More »

How to braid hair with a weave?

Video Transcript. To braid hair with a weave, you want to section off, I would suggest, half of an inch subsections and that is to have a tight braid or to not have, make sure that your braids are not bulky. I normally add synthetic hair in with the... More »

How to weave & braid hair?

1. Purchase 100% human hair weave in the style that you desire. For a full head of weave, you will 3 to 4 bags of hair. Visit your local beauty supply store to ensure that you get the exact color match for your natural hair. Purchase weave glue. 2. C... More »

How to braid and weave black hair?

1. Part a 1-inch-by-1-inch section of hair using your rat tail comb. 2. Grab a piece of the bulk braiding hair no thicker than the 1-inch-by-1-inch section of hair and fold it in half, creating a loop. 3. Place the loop over your 1-inch-by-1-inch sec... More »

How to braid the hair for hair weaving?

1. Brush your dry hair so that there are no knots in it. Separate your hair into tiny sections about 1/4-inch each one section at a time while the rest of your hair is pulled away from the section you are currently working with. Start with a section... More »

How to braid hair to sew in a weave with side bangs?

1. Shampoo and condition your hair. Pat your hair with a towel to absorb the excess moisture or blow dry it. Comb your hair out thoroughly. 2. Separate the parts of your hair not included in the sew-in weave. Separate approximately 1 inch of hair aro... More »


  1. Zack Davies Reply:

    My hair goes to my neck i want to grow it to my shoulders at least. I don’t want to relax of flat iron or use any chemicals. I know to trim my hair and wash it and dry it with a towel but nothing happening. I braid and twist my hair no weave or extensions. Thank you for your help.

  2. Kitty Reply:

    I just want to know what way is best to braid the hair without having no bumps. Also the best kind of inexpensive human hair brand?

  3. Rachelle Reply:

    I am new to Halifax ns, and I am African american with natural hair. I wanted to do something different to my hair and I was wondering are there any salons that cater to natural hair..weaves and braids?

  4. Taylor91 Reply:

    Im natural no perm.and i wanted to put braids with my own hair,no how long should i keep my braids,two-strand twists,and other protective styles.Links are welcome!

  5. Hamster Reply:

    I know how to put tracks in but I know there are other ways that I can braid the natural hair to give the weave more versatility. Any suggestions or pictures of how the hair can be braided?

  6. Reginald Reply:

    And how do you upkeep a hair weave, washing and such? Also, how is the braided hair underneath kept clean, or get washed?

    Thank you. =)

  7. Xd Reply:

    Usually when I get a hair weave done there threaded in .And your very limited to what you can do.But Iwould like to be able to put my hair in high pony tails and do some different hair style instead of being limited to the low pony tail.Do I need to get a lace weave or what?

  8. Mallory Molenda Reply:

    I really want to try sew-ins and I’ve been researching the best wavy hair weave. I want one thats soft, doesn’t tangle/shed much, and returns to its wavy pattern after washing the hair. Any opinions or reviews are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the advice, but its not what I asked for.

  9. Sourly Reply:

    if i braid human hair weave then dip it into hot water, will it curl ?

  10. Jazzeei Lady Reply:

    I am 14 years old and I am trying to go natural.I stopped putting a relaxer in my hair about 4 months ago.But I twist and braid my hair with weave.Is that considered going natural.I f you have any tips right down for me.

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