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How is a Hair Straightener Made

You may have such questions as How Does a Hair Straightener Work and Which Is the Best Hair Straightener,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Use a Hair Straightener. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to CHI Hair Straightener,too. Read more as following:

A hair straightner is made by combining two ceramic or steel plates together. Electricity is added to the combination and heats the plates. When pressing the hair in between the plates the hair is tamed and straight due to high heat.

How does a Hair Straightener Work?

A hair straightener is a device used to make wavy or curly hair straight. It uses ceramic plates that heat up very hot, that get pressed together when pulled through hair.... More »

Which is the best hair straightener?

I've had around 4... now I have a GHD its brilliant! Best thing ever... it lasts ages, doesnt take long to heatup and Ive my hair done in half the time! The GHD products to protect and nourish our hair are really good also!... More »

How to Use a Hair Straightener?

Using a hair straightener is easy. Simply take 1 to 2 inch sections and start straightening at the root of your hair. Do this to your entire head. And be careful, because these irons are hot!... More »

How are hair straighteners made?

It is possible to accomplish hair straightening by either chemical or mechanical means. Mechanical means of straightening hair include ceramic or metal ironing appliances, or flat brush blow-dryers. While ceramic ironing appliances cause less damage... More »

How hair straighteners are made?

Video Transcript. Hi my name is Lauren and today I am here to discuss how hair straighteners are made. Hair straighteners have become the largest craze for a lot of women throughout the world in order to get their hair straightened and in order to ma... More »

What is a hair straightener made of?

1. The hair straightener is made of metal & plastic. Answer 2. It depends on the quality of the hair straightener. Poor quality straighteners are made of plastic with metal plates. Good quality straighteners are made of plastic with ceramic plate... More »


  1. Alanna Reply:

    I would like to know if its possible to curl my hair using a hair straightener and if so how.
    I dont care ’bout swiss cheese with or without holes.. Sum of my friends say dey can…jus curious..
    PS… I can afford one..

  2. Masoami Reply:

    Are the plates on a hair straightener called Bed Head light me up ceramic, iron or somethingg else please help?

  3. Danielle Reply:

    I am going to buy a hair straightener which one is the best? The nature of my hair is thick and wavy. Some said CHI is the best. What do you think? Which one should I go for?

  4. Meow :3 Reply:

    I’m going to France in April and I need to know the best converter or whatever I need to buy to be able to use my CHI hair straightener there. Also, will I able to use the same thing to charge my camera battery and use my curling iron, or do I need to buy something seperate for each one?

  5. Shaina Reply:

    If you straighten frizzy hair on a wig with a hair straightener does it work or will it harm the wig and/or straightener?

  6. Alicia Reply:

    The flat iron I have now is a revlon ceramic one but my hair always poofs back up and gets kinks in it through out the day. What hair Straightener would you recommend for my type of hair?

  7. Smileygirl Reply:

    I have thin curly hair which is stringy and always extremely frizzy. The hair straightener I have been using now is 100% ceramic and gets up to 450 degrees but still my hair is frizzy. Any suggestions for one to get rid of the frizz completely? Money is not an issue by the way.

  8. Mle Reply:

    Basically, what hair straightener has the best quality? I have difficult hair to straighten and I want people’s opinion. Price doesn’t matter.
    Thanks! <3
    And can I have a link?

  9. Ccgirl Reply:

    I went to a beauty salon and they made my hair curl with a ceramic hair straightener and I’ve tried doing the same thing at home and I can’t.

  10. Donna S Reply:

    What is the best hair straightener brand ?
    I need really good quality hair straightener that could really last long do you know like the best brand for hair straighteners but still as a good price not expensive not cheap

  11. Melody Woods Reply:

    I need to find out how ghd hair straighteners are made for my A level product design coursework??

  12. Chloe Reply:

    Even if it is a hair straightener made to straighten you hair while it is wet will it damage it? I am afraid that it will damage my hair.

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