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How Much does Micro Braids Cost

You may have such questions as How To Do Micro Braids and How to Put in Micro Braids,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Seal Micro Braids. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Micro Braid Hairstyles,too. Read more as following:

Micro braids may cost up to $200 or more, depending on the location and experience of the professional. Non professional tend to charge less from micro braids.

How to do micro braids?

1. Make a small part on the head using the rat-tail comb. Take a small section of hair out from the part. 2. Add Wet & Wavy Hair to your head. Hold the hair extension with both hands, using your thumb and middle finger. Your hands should be an in... More »

How to Put in Micro Braids?

Getting micro braids can take around twelve to thirteen hours to do. Putting in micros are done the same way as putting individual braids. Micros are 35 percent smaller than regular individuals.... More »

How to seal micro braids?

1. The most popular seal used on micro braids is nail glue. This method can be used on human or synthetic hair. Braid the extension at least 2 inches past where your natural hair ends. Seal the tip of the braid with a drop of nail glue. Make sure not... More »

How to Take Out Micro Braids?

It's best to have someone help you because sometimes you won't be able to see the back of your head and if glue was used at the ends, this will prevent you from cutting out your own hair. The tips of the braid where the glue is applied should be cut... More »

How to Take Care of Micro Braids?

Taking care of micro braids can be very easy. You will need to keep your scalp and your braids moistened. Keep your scalp and braids clean and neat. Be sure to tie your hair up at night.... More »

How much does micro braids cost?

Most micro braids cost within a range of 150-200 dollars.... More »


  1. Breanna Reply:

    were i live at its 4:00 in the morning my mom come home from work at 8:30am and she said she would take me to the hair salon if my hair was out of micro braids i tried combing them out but it hurts so any other suggestions??? thanx ♥

  2. Tillyxox Reply:

    is coming out! i am furious. I now have to go back and also buy more hair for them to put the braids back in where have some hair left. I have tiny micro braids. Thanks for your help. (NY, I am located and I paid 120 for the service and $70 for the hair)

  3. Horse Rider Reply:

    How much will it cost me?

  4. Amber Wydell Reply:

    I really like this hair style and I was wondering how much it would cost me at the most. I was planning to get them after graduation for the summer. Also do you need a perm to get them?

  5. Mysterimusicluva Reply:

    I want to get my hair done in micro braids and they take hours to do. I work on weekends and I don’t want to lose a day of work because that means less money in my paycheck. I don’t want to miss a day of school either.What should I do?

  6. Cloudtailxx Reply:

    I’m getting my hair done on Monday and was wondering if human hair or a blend would be better, cost is not an option I want the best quality to ensure my hair is protected.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Yash Reply:

    I know of AA ladies who braid / pleat up their hair into really small braids. How often do they undo them to wash them? Does it hurt since the hair is always tied up?

  8. Saki Reply:

    I ve finally decided to get my hair sisterlocked. But how much does it cost? So far I ve heard outrageous prices, like 300 to 1000 dollars….I don’t want to pay that much. At least 200. If I can pay 180 for Micro Braids than why would something that looks similar to them cost soo much more?

  9. Lil Monster Reply:

    I am going to get micro braids and I want to know if others think I should get them.

  10. Unknown Reply:

    i just wanted to know bhow much the braids would cost. any tips would be great :)

  11. Titanium Reply:

    I want to get my hair braided and I’d like to know how much it would cost without extensions.

  12. Horse Back Rider! Reply:

    Im going to get my hair micro braided and wantted to know how much I may be spending on packs of real hair. if its 2 expensive, of course I will get synthetic.

  13. Brian Reply:

    tomorrow i might get my hair braided into those like micro braids. my hair is to my shoulders and its layerd. about how much would it cost to get the braids done? and also how long would it take?
    and also i just thought how long would they stay in?

  14. Omar Reply:

    I want to know if it is a good quality hair; if it lasts long; if it comes in different textures and colors; if it doesn’t cost much; if it is good for micro braids.
    I need my hair done before school starts and i need a cheaply priced hair.

  15. Missvoyage Reply:

    I fairly long hair a few inches past shoulder length. Im latina..and have more caucasian type hair but i guess its a mix between spanish and caucasian hair. Ive been wanting to get micro braids for my bday and trying to find a cheap price..around how much is it?

  16. Nika Reply:

    im thinking about getting micro braids but i hear they are really expensive. Around how much will it cost to get my hair braided and to buy some good weave for the micro braids. Around how much will that be all together. I don’t want nothing fancy. just regular micro braids and good weave.

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