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How Often Should I Trim the Ends of my Hair

You may have such questions as How to Trim African American Hair and When to Trim Shrubs,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Is the Right Time to Trim Bushes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Does Your Hair Grow Faster If You Trim the Ends,too. Read more as following:

You should trim the ends of your hair every six weeks. This will help keep your hair healthy, as well as promote more growth of your hair. If you leave your hair without cutting it for a long time, it can become damaged.

How to Trim African American Hair?

You will first need to get a good quality type scissors, just kitchen or shearing scissors are not sharp enough and could leave the hair with more damage. The hair must be heavily conditioned. Then part it in small thin layers and start trimming away... More »

When to Trim Shrubs?

Not all shrubs are the same, but in general the best time to prune shrubs is in the late winter, before there are any buds. Be careful you do not cut off new growth and for some bushes, it will never grow back. It is also best to cut the branches at... More »

When is the right time to trim bushes

As a general rule, the best time to prune any bush is in the late winter or early spring, before it begins to grow again. The worst time to prune is right after new growth appears.... More »

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

Most hair stylists will recommend that you have your hair trimmed about every six to eight weeks to keep your hairstyle looking good and your hair healthy.... More »

How often should I trim my hair?

biotin wont help much because the laws of physics cant be changed. hair grows 1/2 an inch a month face it. you should always trim your ends routinely every 8-12 weeks and if you do that every 8-12 weeks your stylist should be cutting off no more that... More »

How often should black women trim their hair?

Healthy Hair. Healthy hair should have a steady appointment to be trimmed at half an inch every six to eight weeks. Healthy hair will have no damage or breakage if regular trimming and conditioning occur. It is fine to wait longer than eight weeks fo... More »


  1. Amie Reply:

    My hair grows really fast whether I trim it or not. But I want it to be healthy so how often should I trim it.

  2. Student Reply:

    How often should I get my hair trimmed, to remove split ends and what not to keep hair healthy?
    Also, could you ballpark what it would cost to have a hairdresser do it, not a haircut, just removing all the split ends and other damage?
    3 months, thanks. But do you know what it may cost?

  3. Ghazal Bayat Reply:

    How often should i trim my hair? I use heat on it just about everyday, i also use excessive heat protect products though. I have pretty long hair and i get split ends easily. How often should i trim my hair. Also about how much should i cut each time i trim it? (trim not cut!)

  4. Jignesh Reply:

    I’ve recently cut off about 2 1/2 inches of hair, getting rid of lots of split ends and damage. My hair is now in way better condition and I would like to maintain it that way. I don’t heat style my hair often or dye it. But I was curious how often should I cut/trim it to keep the ends healthy?

  5. Arrow7 Reply:

    How often do you trim off the dead ends and how much do your trim? Also, how long is your hair. Thanks :)
    Sorry for the confusion. I was asking how much do you trim off?

  6. Viola Reply:

    I already know not to use heat, but what are some other suggestions. Mine hasn’t grown at all for months, and I know it will grow slower because mine is down to my chest, and I trim the ends often also. Does anyone know how much your hair is supposed to grow per month?

  7. Kevin Reply:

    I was just wondering how often should i get my hair ends trimmed?

  8. Desltorylove Reply:

    I know trimming your hair doesn’t help it grow faster! but i want my hair to grow long and i don’t want icky split ends. How regularly should i trim split ends while still letting my hair grow?

  9. Gale Reply:

    i recently decided to transition to natural hair and my hair has been doing well except i have a lot of breakage. how often do i need to trim my ends and does dry ends necessarily mean that they need to be trimmed?
    also any other tips for transitiong would be great.. thx

  10. Sierra Reply:

    I am trying to grow my hair to my bra strap. It is now to my shoulder blades. How often should I trim my hair for it to grow?

  11. Xsweetestx Reply:

    Today was the first day I noticed my hair was growing. I have a perm (chemically straightened) so my roots are wavy I know it’s new growth.

    How often should I trim my ends to make sure my hair keeps growing so it won’t just be split ends?


  12. Cherish Reply:

    okay so my hair comes up to my shoulders which I hate!! and I want to grow it really long like closer to my belly. How often should I trim my split ends so they can grow to that lenght.

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