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How to Apply a Texturizer

You may have such questions as How To Apply Texture Paint and How To Apply Drywall Texture,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Apply Textures To Photography. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How to Apply a Texturizer to Hair,too. Read more as following:

To apply a texturizer, first make sure to wear latex gloves to protection your hands. At the nape of the neck begin to apply the texterizer and go around the hairline, but keep if 1/4 inch from the hairline. You can then brush it throughout your hair to keep it a curly look or brush it out flat to make it straight.

How to apply texture paint?

1. Prepare the wall by filling larger cracks, holes and dents. Prime the walls with one coat of primer to ensure good adhesion and an even finish. Use an oil- or shellac-based primer in rooms that are subject to high humidity or on smooth surfaces su... More »

How to apply drywall texture?

1. Sand the drywall to feather out any edges and make it smooth and flush with any existing wall. Wipe off the dust with a damp sponge and let it dry for an hour. You can also use a tack cloth, which is slightly sticky, to blot up dust. You do not ne... More »

How to apply textures to photography?

1. Launch Photoshop and open the digital image you wish to enhance. Make a copy of the image, and close the original to preserve it. 2. Open the texture image you wish to apply to the photo. Place the texture image on top of the photo by dragging it... More »

How to apply stucco textures?

1. Have a professional test any existing stucco for asbestos. Older stucco often contains asbestos, which must be removed by a professional or encapsulated. Encapsulation means that the old stucco must be covered up entirely by new drywall if it is i... More »

How to apply knockdown texture?

1. What do you need? A Spray Hopper, you can rent one, or if you like--you can purchase one for around 60.00 at any building supply (I know--The contractor down the road said his cost ten times that), your cheap one will last for years and give you t... More »

How to apply texture with a roller?

1. Cover all areas of the floor with plastic or drop cloths. Applying texture with a roller can be messy and could stain carpets or other flooring. 2. Dip the roller into the texture and make sure the entire roller is covered in the texture material.... More »


  1. Kndredspirits Reply:
  2. Keeyon Reply:

    Me and my brother put in a texturizer. I want to know how long should i wait before i put in another one or a kit that my my hair curly.

  3. Tasha Reply:

    Okay well my hair is very thick and i have about a 3 to 4inch afro. I was wondering is there a way o make my hair nice and curly and loose without using a s curl or texturizer. If so can u list any greases, gels or lotions?

  4. Marcus Reply:

    My niece is 5 years old and she is mixed with hispanic and black. Her hair is very thick, curly,frizzy and no one knows what to do. It won’t stay in a hairstyle. We’ve tried braids and everything. Her hair just curls up and gets frizzy right after it’s done. Is a texturizer good or anything else?

  5. Nicole Reply:

    My hair is the curliest in the world, texturizers never seem to loosen it up. I do not want to perm, so please don’t come up with the perm thing.

  6. Ruiz Reply:

    I was told that texturizers can make the hair just less curly rather than completely straight, which is what I want. Are these supposed to be done at home or at a salon? And if at home, what products do you suggest?

  7. Midnight Reply:

    For as long as I can remember I have always had relaxers applied to my hair. Just recently I applied a texturizer to my hair. Are their going to be any negative consequences since I will not be relaxing [perming] my hair because I do not get the texturizers as often as I got relaxers?

  8. Philbot Reply:

    Ok. I think I’m to go natural….however some of my hair is still permed. I know that perms straighten the curls and texturizers softens them….however I was wondering if I would be able to still flat iron or use a curling iron if I applied a texturizer.

  9. Yaimeli M Reply:

    Hi everyone ! I am an African American male and I have a mohawk. I want to use a SCurl Regular Texturizer to make my hair curly and then I want to dye my mohawk a different color. How am I able to do this without damaging my hair too much or causing a disaster ? PLEASE HELP !

  10. Sierra Garcia Reply:

    I used a different texturizer on my hair and it didn’t come out like the one i’ve always used before so I want to apply the i have used before, its only been about a week but how long should i wait apply it, and will it break my hair if i apply it again.

  11. Gitmogcr Reply:

    I ask this because I heard that you can get heat damage from putting heat on your hair everyday. But it seems like she doesn’t have heat damage so this rule about heat on your hair everyday doesn’t apply to people with texturizer or perms? I would really like to know so please answer!

  12. I Am Onizuka! Reply:

    ON AUG. 27 I applied a texturizer on my virgin hair for the first time and I feel that I underprocessed my hair due to my hair appearing very thick at the ends. My root and edges are nice and wavy. I was wondering if it would be safe to re- texturize my ends when I do my touch-up?

  13. Kii2 Reply:

    could i apply the texturizer like i would with my new growth with a relaxer?

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