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How to Braid Corn Rolls

You may have such questions as How To Corn Roll Hair and How To Do Corn Rolls,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Braid Ears Of Corn. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Learning to Cornrow Braids,too. Read more as following:

Braid corn rolls are very simple. I used to do this for my friends a lot. I just divide the persons hair into 3 different sections. You must start braiding from the top. All you have to do is braid mini french braids,

How to Corn Roll Hair?

Corn rolling hair is the same as french braiding hair but you make very small rows of braids. It is a popular hairstyle among African Americans. To learn how to do corn rolls please check the following link for more information. For more information... More »

How to do Corn Rolls?

Pick a pattern in which you'll do the corn rolls. Next, you'll have to part your hair to prepare for the first row. Don't forget to secure the part of your hair that isn't in the row down. Then, you'll braid your hair within the roll. For more inform... More »

How to braid ears of corn?

1. Peel back the cornhusks to the top of the ears, removing as much silk as possible. Dispose of any broken husks. 2. Lay the prepared ears of corn on a work surface. Separate one husk into three sections and braid it about halfway along the length.... More »

How to braid corn rows?

1. Plan your style. Before you begin braiding hair into cornrows you need to decide what type of style you will be braiding. There are many styles to choose from. One way to get ideas is to do an Internet search for photos of cornrow styles. 2. Part... More »

How to roll micro braids?

1. Gather a section of hair. The larger you make the pin curl sections, the larger the resulting curl will be. Try gathering a one-inch by one-inch section of hair. 2. Apply a moisturizing cream to the entire length of the hair. Pay special attention... More »

How to do a rolled braid?

1. Part the hair down the middle, dividing into two even sections. Comb each section until smooth, using mousse if necessary to retain smoothness. 2. Clip one of the sections of hair to keep it out of the way. 3. Divide a 1- to 2-inch wide section at... More »


  1. Cat Lover…!!! Reply:

    Just move to the area and looking for someone or some beauty salon that can braid hair but at a reasonable price…

  2. Justin Zosel Reply:

    Or any kind of southwestern braid….I had one at a party and LOVED it and never got the recipe.


  3. Pans X Reply:

    How do I get my hair curly, I’m african american, without corn rolls or braids? How can I get it curlyy please help?

  4. Keairra Reply:

    i want to get my hair braided but i want them to be really thin but not too thick and heavy…
    and either singles or corn roll
    ive never had my hair braided so i just need a good picture to show the girl who is doing it..

  5. Paulabump Reply:

    My hair is braided in corn rolls and it’s real human hair weave. I’m going swimming tomorrow. It’s a sew in can I swim with this?

  6. Xxbandaidsxx Reply:

    i have corn rolls and it curls at the tips…i wanna show the true length of my hair but because of this i cant…do anyone know how to solve this..

  7. Kay Reply:

    Ive already learned the french braid I can do it pretty easily now. Ive just tried to dutch braid the side of my manakin head it looks ok, it looks like a french braid though. Can anyone give me tips? And is dutch braiding the same technique used when creating corn rolls?? thanks

  8. Yasha Reply:

    i’m planning on getting corn rolls… and i’m wondering how long it has to be to get corn rolls

    i want something like ludacris or ben wallace.. well not that long maybe haha

  9. Emily From Ny Reply:

    Kinky Twist, micro braids,Corn Rolls

  10. Vicki Reply:

    I mean I see white people with braids and corn rolls and what not and black people with dyed hair somestimes and what not, I was thinking about doing something unique with my hair because I’m black and don’t wanna run around with the same stuff “WE” do, I wanna “stand out” as a black dude.

  11. Semra Reply:

    I saw these braids that weren’t corn rolls. they were hanging down all sides like dreads, but i google imaged braids and they ain’t on there. what are they called, and if you could can you send me a picture link?

  12. Trinity W Reply:

    I really want hair extensions and i dont wanna pay the thousand dollars to get them done, but my friend knows how to corn roll and i heard thats all you really need to know.
    is this true?
    also how exactly is it done?
    is there how to sites for this?

  13. Bunnylover99999999 Reply:

    I have naturally thick and wavy hair, but for the moment, my hair is straightened.
    So if I just braid/corn roll it tonight, in the morning will I have some sort of crimp or curl to my hair?

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