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How to Braid Using Extensions

You may have such questions as How to Braid Leather and How to Braid Rope,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Braid Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Black Braided Hairstyles,too. Read more as following:

To braid using extensions, you need to attach the extensions to your natural hair. This can be hard to do on your own. You may need a friend to help you with the area near your neck.

How to braid leather?

Braiding leather has been a tool many ranchers, or just leather fanatics like to do. It can become a hobby or a way of life in the many uses that leather has. it gains more strength when it is braided. ... More »

How to braid rope?

You can braid rope by twisting three individual strands of fiber. While twisting these strands individually, you also twist, or twine them collectively. There are rope braiding tools that help you do the braiding. ... More »

How to Braid Hair

Learning how to braid hair is easy and this step-by-step guide includes essential tips that will help you create braids that are smooth and beautiful whether you want to learn how to braid your own hair (a bit trickier) or just make braids for others... More »

Where do i get instructions on how to braid hair?

... More »

How to Braid in Fake Hair?

Braiding in fake or synthetic hair is very common. Fake hair has been used as braids for millenia. There are step by step instructions to assist you. To find more information click here: ... More »

How to braid in hair extensions?

To braid in hair extensions, first decide on the style and length your trying to acheive. Part or section hair for braiding. Take the hair extension and start at the top of the scalp. Braid the hair in, with the real hair until you get to the end. Co... More »


  1. Yasha Reply:

    I am looking to find braid in extensions for myself, and all I can find is different race hair types. I just need silky straight. Thanks!

  2. Mellissa Gallant Reply:

    I just bought some braiding hair extensions for the first time and was wondering is it clean enough to go straight into my hair or should I wash it first?

  3. Ali Reply:

    Is there any way that I could make the transition from relaxed to natural without breakage and also without cutting off the relaxed parts?
    For example, during my transitioning period, if I wear my hair in single braids (using extensions) or in a weave, would I still experience any breakage?

  4. Maria M Reply:

    He’s putting brains and he is trying to even the back of his hair out, so should he use extensions or weave for his braids to longer!

  5. Ginny P Reply:

    I just made some synthetic dreads and braided extensions. How do I install them into my hair?

    P.S. It needs to be a temporary installation, so permanently sewing them into my hair is not an option.
    If I were to use something like bobby pins, how would I hide the top where I pinned it?

  6. Murfitty Reply:

    ok, i know how to braid extensions but i dont know how to tie them off so that there is still hair left hanging at the end. pleas help!

  7. Jesse Rocha Reply:

    I’ve just moved to the US from the UK. I’m living in Los Angeles and need my hair braided. I know the prices the for the UK, I just want to know what they charge here. Are there any hair stylist that can be recommended in the Los Angeles area?

  8. Alexis Busch Reply:

    I am thinking about getting my 10yr old microbraids, but she doesn’t have a need for weave. Her natural hair is thick enough for 2 heads and it is long to boot. I am just wondering if it is possible to do micro braids without using weave extensions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Raprap Reply:

    Winter is coming up and I was looking for a protective style that I could do myself. I’ve looked on YouTube for a tutorial, but none of those tutorials use extensions.

  10. Becca B Reply:

    (My hair on my head) And without using extensions! I start school in August and I want my hair longer!Right now its on my shoulders. How long do you think it will take to reach my shoulder blands(on my back, that looks like tiny wings,lol) Thanks!
    I will choose best anwser!

  11. Answermenowangryface:) Reply:

    Ive really been wanting to do this for so long, but i don’t have the money for extensions.
    I was just curious if i could do this… or if it would be noticeable that it wasn’t done correctly?

  12. Derrick Reply:

    I want to transition from relaxed hair to natural by using braid extensions. I know when transitioning you have to keep your hair moisturized. So how do you keep your hair moisturized if it’s in braids? Do you just wash it like normal hair?

  13. Harley Reply:

    Tree braids are a type of cornrow braiding that uses extensions.

  14. Leyla Reply:

    I’m used to having my hair braided using extensions my whole childhood. Recently braiding hair with extensions is causing it to itch and breakout into hives.Is their any reason it would suddenly do this? Anything i can do to prevent this? Etc. I have already tried using human hair.

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