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How to Color Hair With Jello

You may have such questions as How To Color Hair With Jello and How To Dye Hair With Jello,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Hair Color Determined. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Chart of Hair Colors,too. Read more as following:

My niece colored her hair with jello recently. She mixed the powdered jello with half the amount of water it called for on the box. She then wet her hair thoroughly and applied the jello mixture like a rinse. This allowed it to evenly soak in her hair. This was a lovely bright green mess until it was washed out the next day. This can be done with other colors as well.

How to color hair with jell-o?

1. Pour 3 to 5 tablespoons of hair conditioner into a cup or mixing dish. The conditioner will serve as the base for the hair dye, so it is best to use a moisture-rich conditioner if you have it. 2. Gently stir in Jell-O. It is important to add the p... More »

How to dye hair with jello?

1. Set out all your materials and start with clean, dry hair. Apply the petrolleum jelly around your hairline and ears to prevent it from staining your skin. 2. Mix the Jell-O in the bowl with the hair conditioner. The consistency should be thick and... More »

How is Hair Color Determined?

Hair color is determined by genetics that affect how much eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments are in your hair. The more eumelanin genes there are, the darker your hair will be. So, a little eumelanin and you are a blonde, a lot and you have black hai... More »

What Determines Hair Color?

Our genes determine natural hair color, a trait that is passed down from our parents. Pigment (melanin) determines the shade of color of your hair.... More »

How to Lighten Hair Color?

You can lighten hair color by using various over-the-counter hair products to do the job. You can also try washing your hair to slowly lighten the hair color. However, people who have used a dark permanent hair color and want to lighten it may need t... More »

How to color your hair?

1. Put on an old t-shirt or wrap an old towel around your shoulders. You don't want to wear a new blouse, especially if you're using brown or red hues. 2. Rub vaseline on your eyebrows and around your hairline to prevent stains on the skin. 3. Follow... More »


  1. Jessielynn Smith Reply:

    I want to dye my hair so much. I tried jello and it does not work at all. I have brown hair. What should i do?

  2. Gale Reply:

    I just want a nice rich red or burgundy shade to tint my very dark, almost black hair.

  3. Ashleymh2009 Reply:

    My straight hair is chin length and is not colored or permed. It looks awfull from all the breakage. It is rather fine in texture. What can I do to keep it from breaking off so much?

  4. Gimpy Reply:

    Preferably with jello, but open to suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Kel Bel Reply:

    I want to die my hair that color but I do not have the money to do so, so how can i die my hair that color with ordanary house products (REAL ANSWER) things that you’ve tried and worked

  6. Lauz Reply:

    Im planning to temporarlly die my hair red with red jello. I have heard its supposed to work if you keep it on long enough. My question is; What should i mix it with? How long does it last? If i have dark hair, what color should it turn out to be?
    Please help! Thanks!

  7. Miranda C Reply:

    Please include any color like blue. If you know a color please tell me how 2 make it.

  8. Barrel Racer Chick Reply:

    right now my hair is alittle over my shoulder. i have short layers. i want to get long layers for the summer. my hair never really grows longer than over my shoulder. do u have any tips to help it grow?

  9. Ladyboo Reply:

    I need to know a quick, easy way I can dye my hair temaraly by early morning or mabey even before i go to bed. I want to dye my hair (not permedently) with somthing I can easily find in the house. Can anyone help me?
    Please hurry. I need it by morning.

  10. Randi Reply:

    I know the way kool aid, jello , lemonade, cranberry juice and making your own bleach.
    I am one of those goody two shoes who like coloring their hair different colors without bleaching it I don’t like to have my hair damaged..
    Some website names or lists of new ways would be nice…

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