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How to Curl Hair Step By Step

You may have such questions as How Do You Curl Hair with a Curling Iron and How Do I Curl My Hair with a Straightening Iron,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Curl Hair with Rollers. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Curl Hair Waves,too. Read more as following:

To curl your hair step by step you will want to first take the section of hair you want curled. Then place the hair in the curling iron and roll up the hair. Let the hair sit for a few seconds. Then let go of the hair in the curling iron and spray lightly with hair spray.

How do you curl hair with a curling iron?

i think that's your problem. well part of it. you have a skinny curling iron. and mabey your hair just needs to ahve bigger curls. try to get a bigger curling iron. and when you curl make sure that it is hot when you use it. don't jus plug it in and... More »

How do I curl my hair with a straightening iron?

Flat Irons or straightening irons are not used to curl hair. They onl...... More »

How to Curl Hair With Rollers?

To curl hair with rollers I like to wash my hair and then towel dry. Then I put the rollers in my hair and hold them in place with bobby pins. I sleep on them. In the morning I remove them and finger wave. Great curls!... More »

How to curl short hair?

1. Turn on the curling iron (if using one instead of the small round brush). Once the curling iron is hot, begin separating and wrapping your hair section by section. Hold the wrapped hair in the barrel of the curling iron for a minute and then relea... More »

How to Curl Hair With a Flat Iron

Bless the person who invented the flat iron. Previously, those of us with curly hair had to suffer through straight hair trends, laboring hours to straighten out unruly tresses only to achieve a fluffy mess. Now the formerly frizzy can easily reach s... More »

How do I Curl my Hair At Home?

You can curl your hair at home by using a curling iron or hot rollers, if you have any type of natural curl in your hair you can use hair gel and scrunch your hair, you can also get a perm but that will make your hair curly for up to a year.... More »


  1. Twiggjosh Reply:

    I dont know how to curl my hair. i see girls with curls in them and i cant seem to do that with my hair. oh and my hair is blonde and i heard blonde hair doesnt curl that well but i see blondes with curled hair too so yeah can someone just tell me step by step how to curl my hair.

  2. United States Reply:

    I would like to curl my hair for picture day with my weave. I Need an idea of how my hair will look if I put rollers in it. Can I have a step to step on how to curl my weave for picture day and can I have a picture of what the results would be. ? Please and thank you

  3. Chocolate C Reply:

    I want to curl my hair with a small curling iron & i cant get the curls right. please give me a step by step way to do it. thanks.

  4. Bachman Reply:

    I have pretty thick hair and everytime I try to curl my hair when its wet it comes out to be a big mess. Please tell me step by step instructions on getting those wet shiny curls. Thanks!!

  5. Melissa.reich Reply:

    I have really straight hair and each time I try to curl it the curls never stay no matter how much hairspray I use and that’s why I haven’t tried curling my hair for a long time
    step by step can u guys help me please

  6. Tomato Reply:

    I’ve watched a lot of videos, and the people make it seem so easy, but every time I do it, it doesn’t curl. And when it does, it only curls the ends and it looks awful and square. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to curl hair? Please??

  7. Michaell Haslbauer Reply:

    What is the best way to curl your hair with a flat iron. I don’t want small curls, I want big waves. Can you please explain how to get that with step by step directions. Thanks!

  8. Bobbie Reply:

    I want to curl my hair for tomorrow-so like over night, and i don’t have curlers and i have a 1/2inch curling rode and i could use that but it will fall…so what are other ways to curl my hair-
    please step by step instructions :)
    thank you

  9. Laney Stapp Reply:

    I want to curl my hair with my straightener, and I don’t exactly know how to do this correctly. Could you please give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this?
    Thanks! :)

  10. Millie Reply:

    I have tried curling my hair for a dance and it turned out horrible. I think I probably curled my hair wrong can anyone give me step by step directions to curl my hair. Thanks :-]

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