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How to Curl Hair With Soft Twist Rollers

You may have such questions as How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron and How Do I Curl My Hair with a Straightening Iron,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Curl Short Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Curl Hair Waves,too. Read more as following:

To curl your hair with soft twist rollers, take sections one inch or smaller at a time. Start at the bottom of your hair and roll upwards. When you reach the roots, close the roller.

How to Curl Hair With a Flat Iron

Bless the person who invented the flat iron. Previously, those of us with curly hair had to suffer through straight hair trends, laboring hours to straighten out unruly tresses only to achieve a fluffy mess. Now the formerly frizzy can easily reach s... More »

How do I curl my hair with a straightening iron?

Flat Irons or straightening irons are not used to curl hair. They onl...... More »

How to curl short hair?

1. Turn on the curling iron (if using one instead of the small round brush). Once the curling iron is hot, begin separating and wrapping your hair section by section. Hold the wrapped hair in the barrel of the curling iron for a minute and then relea... More »

How to curl hair with straightener?

Oh I do that all the time. It is way easy, it takes only about 15 minutes for me to do it and I have long hair, and it lasts all day even without any hairspray. You just "take a small section of hair and place the iron towards the root of your hair.... More »

How to Curl Long Hair?

To curl long hair you can use rollers on towel dried hair. This can take some time to dry. You can also use electric rollers. They are fast and you can use fat and skinny rollers for different curls.... More »

How do I Curl my Hair At Home?

You can curl your hair at home by using a curling iron or hot rollers, if you have any type of natural curl in your hair you can use hair gel and scrunch your hair, you can also get a perm but that will make your hair curly for up to a year.... More »


  1. Lyllien Reply:

    I’m going to homecoming and was planning to do my hair myself. The thing is I want my hairup in a half pony with curls. My hair never holds are curl more ethne a hour I was wondering how to keep it what products work?
    I have straight hair, and I’m asian.

  2. Kiona35 Reply:

    Okay well everytime i try to do my hair scrunched it doesnt really work i have naturally straighttt hair and its dificult to style because it wont stay. i have some Shiny Silver Ultra styling mouse and Freezing spray. How can i do this look? Please any help appreciated :) Thanks

  3. Randi Reply:

    I’m bleaching it in about a month and need it to grow, how can i help it?

  4. Shawna Reply:

    You see, I have a black bobbed wig that I’d like to gently curl – how can I tell if it’s kanekalon?

  5. Lozza Reply:

    Can You Give Me Some Tips On How To Take Care Of My Hair ?
    I’m about to start middle school and I need to know how to take care of my hair. I want some micros or kinky twist but I don’t know a beauty shop that cost $85-$110 in fort worth if you know any can u list them .

    Thank you .

  6. Alicia Reply:

    I have naturally curly hair and its about the width of a pen and I have alot of trouble controling my hair and also fnding some cute hairstyles for it. I was also wondering if you had any haircut suggestions because my hair is getting really really long and Im not sure how i should get it cut.

  7. Alanna Reply:

    My hair is fine but I have a lot of it and it was extremly curly. I went to the hair dresser and she was suppose to just relax my hair but now it is stick straight on top and still curly on the bottom. I do not want to wait for it to grow out.

  8. Reverse Reply:

    My hair is naturally straight and i want to see what it looks like curly/ scrunched. even when i put braids in it is not the curl effect i want. how do i get it curly without a curling iron because i don’t have one.

  9. Betta Reply:

    I have naturally curly hair that I find to curly. I have shoulder length hair, an medium think. I would use curlers but I only like for the bottem ish part to be curls not around my head…. Any ideas?

  10. Katie Girl Reply:

    My hair is pretty frizzy and coarse,(I’m white if that helps with the kind of hair i have) I’ve tried so many different things, deep conditioners and leave ins just weigh down my hair and leave a film and serums leave it greasy. any ideas? thanks

  11. Jesse Rocha Reply:

    My hair is straight but i really want to curl it.Rollers make it look really short and puffy, and my hair is to soft to use a curling iron.( it just smooths out, and turns straight again. What should i use. My friend mentioned something with bobby pins …..??

  12. Gypsy Soul Reply:

    I have very thick straight hair…….
    How do I get the perfect scrunchy ness
    My hair just about reaches my shoulders!
    please be detailed!

  13. Saki Reply:

    I have SUPER frizz hair. Its also wavy. Ones I went to the beach and I was comeing back fron home and it was so cute! :). How can I do it at home? What should I do?

  14. Liliana De La Serna Reply:

    My dress is strapless and blue, to the floor. I have straight hair, very straight. It’s a little past my shoulders and pretty thin. Anyone have ideas??? Please help thanks.

  15. Blue Enigma Reply:

    My hair is naturally straight and no matter how many times i try to scrunch it it won’t go wavy! Any suggestions? I want to avoid using heated products that could destroy my hair.

  16. Josh Reply:

    I have over shoulderlength hair and try to achieve a wavy look. Whenever I use rollers they get way too curly. I have slight natural curls,should I straighten my hair before putting rollers on or use anything else instead of rollers???

  17. Emily From Ny Reply:

    Is there anyway to curl straight/wavy hair without using heat? Frstly my hair dries out too much when I use curling irons, secondly, I have alot of thick hair which means my shoulders are pretty much dislocated by the time I’m finished! So any tips?
    Info on Spiral curls would be most apprecitaed x

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