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How to Curl Your Hair Using a Flat Iron

You may have such questions as How to Curl Hair with Straighteners and How Do I Curl My Hair with a Straightening Iron,or you may also seek several helpful information about Tips on How to Curl Your Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Spiral Curls with Flat Iron,too. Read more as following:

To curl your hair using a flat iron, first run the flat iron down a section of hair to straighten it. Then at the bottom of the section, keep the flat iron on the hair and twist the flat iron upward. Your section of hair will now be wrapped around the flat iron. Keep the hair there only for a few seconds otherwise you will burn your hair.

How to curl hair with straightener?

Oh I do that all the time. It is way easy, it takes only about 15 minutes for me to do it and I have long hair, and it lasts all day even without any hairspray. You just "take a small section of hair and place the iron towards the root of your hair.... More »

How do I curl my hair with a straightening iron?

Flat Irons or straightening irons are not used to curl hair. They onl...... More »

Good tips on how to curl your hair?

Curling wand! They're about 15$ or if you have a curling iron take off the clamp and Walla! ts a curling wand. What u do is take sections of your hair wrap it around the wand hold and release. It works wonders! Source(s): Me(:... More »

How to curl your hair with a curling iron?

Well I suggest this hair product to help with the frizziness(: The ever straight brazilian hair keratin therapy and its AMAZING its a conditioner where you put it in your damp hair for 3-5 min and then waash it out with cool water and it makes your h... More »

How to Curl Straight Hair?

There are several ways to curl straight hair. You might want to try using a curling iron. If that doesn't work, try using curlers in your hair.... More »

How to Curl Hair With a Flat Iron

Bless the person who invented the flat iron. Previously, those of us with curly hair had to suffer through straight hair trends, laboring hours to straighten out unruly tresses only to achieve a fluffy mess. Now the formerly frizzy can easily reach s... More »


  1. Holly Free Reply:

    Whenever I attempt to curl my hair with a flat iron, it always turns out of be a tight curl. I even try to clamp the hair at an angle, but it won’t work. I tried to pull the iron down quickly also, but that just makes my hair poofy & messy.

  2. Snowflake Reply:

    My hair used to be thick and curly. I would have to relax it with chemicals but ever since i started using the chi flat iron it drys straight and I can’t wear it curl. How do I get back my thick curly natural hair?

  3. Tom Brady Reply:

    Well, i have very wavy hair, and i usually straighten it. But now everyone is straightening their hair and now i wanna start curling my hair. so is it better if i use a hair curler to curl my hair? or flat iron?

  4. Milly500 Reply:

    anyone know a good way curling your hair with a flat iron .. my hair is really thick so i dont want it to be so curly otherwise it’ll just go puffy! .. just nice curly waves :)

  5. Curious Mind Reply:

    I heard that if you want to curl your hair using a flat iron, it works if it’s a skinny flat iron, and if it’s ceramic. So what is a good skinny flat iron that is also ceramic? And also, if it’s inexpensive as well?

  6. Hector Reply:

    I have curly hair and i often use a flat iron to straighten it. But once i’m done straightening it, the ends ALWAYS curl up and it gets frizzy and gross. How do i keep it nice and straight?

  7. Tlb2805 Reply:

    Whenever I attempt to curl my hair with a flat iron, it always turns out of be a tight curl. I even try to clamp the hair at an angle, but it won’t work. I tried to pull the iron down quickly also, but that just makes my hair poofy & messy.

  8. Snottyrotty Reply:

    I want to curl hair with my chi flat iron, but don’t have any heat protection. Will it damage and fry my hair to use it because people have told me not to hold hair too long in a flat iron!!! Help!

  9. Adelina Reply:

    I’ve purchased a GHD flat iron, and I need a nice thermal protector when I flat iron or curl my hair with it. Suggestions?

  10. Valentina Kiki Reply:

    I have trouble curling my hair with my flat iron. I don’t have the money to go out and buy a curling iron so that’s out of the question. I can get it wavy, and get a few curls or two, but I can’t make it as curly as I want. Especially in the back, how do you curl the back? Thanks.

  11. Curlyqsbabe Reply:

    I know that it is all the rage to curl your hair with a flat iron/straightener, but are there any benefits of using a straightener over using a curling iron? I love cute curled hair, and I always use my curling iron, and I’m wondering why it would be worth while to use the straightener instead.

  12. Abigail Reply:

    I have straight hair. I want to curl my hair using a flat iron. My hair will usually fall flat a few minutes later. Is there a product out there other than hairspray that will help me keep the curls for more than an hour?

  13. Jacket Reply:

    im planning to curl my hair using the flat iron with my dyed hair. i have no idea at all whatever are the things that’ll make your dyed hair fade since it’s my first time to have my hair dyed.

  14. Karen Reply:

    people told me you can spiral curl your hair using a flat iron, but i just dont see how you do it. How can something with two clamps spiral curl?

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