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How to Cut Your Hair At Home

You may have such questions as How To Cut Hair At Home and How To Cut Men Hair At Home,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Cut A Toddlers Hair At Home. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Cutting Hair Layers at Home,too. Read more as following:

So you want to cut your hair at home. Before you start, you should round up a spray bottle, sharp scissors, and a mirror or two. Spray your hair and then use the mirror to fully see what you are doing. Cut slowly, and assess your progress often.

How to Cut Hair At Home?

You can cut hair at home by either doing it for personal reasons or opening a business in your home. Find an area with a linoleum type floor and have the person sit in the chair and brush the hair straight down. Begin to cut the hair so that it is ev... More »

How to Cut Men's Hair at Home

If a guy you know has a fairly simple hair style and wants to save some money, you can help him by offering to cut his hair. Cutting hair for the first time can be a little daunting, but you just need to take your time and pay attention, and you will... More »

How to cut a toddler's hair at home?

1. Find a space that's easy to clean up to cut your child's hair. Don't use an area in front of a mirror if she is afraid. Find a spot that she likes that you can also easily sweep or vacuum. An outside location is ideal for clean up. 2. Prepare the... More »

How to cut hair in layers?

It's hard to explain step-by-step. That would be pretty risky. Try watching this video VERY CAREFULLY. And remember, no dramatic differences in layer length. It's possible to mess up. Source(s): ... More »

How to Cut Long Hair?

To cut long hair you can put your hair in a pony tail. Cut your hair straight across above the pony tail. Now you can trim individual areas of hair to the desired cut.... More »

How to Cut Dog Hair?

Getting a reall good pair of dog clippers is the key here, and most clippers will come with instructions on how to properly cut the dog's hair. There are also some great videos on line.... More »


  1. Farrah Reply:

    I want to buy a machine so i can easily can cut my hair at home, and so i can customize it, etc.
    What shout i care about when buying one? Characteristics, etc.

    Or do you advice me one ?

  2. Bacchus Reply:

    I want to buy a machine so i can easily can cut my hair at home, and so i can customize it, etc.
    What shout i care about when buying one? Characteristics, etc.

    Or do you advice me one ?

  3. Travis Reply:

    Please be as specific as possible on how to CUT scene hair, I already know how to style it.

  4. Zombiesplicer Reply:

    is there any video tutorial how to cut long hair short, at home myself? I can’t afford to go to the hairdresser, but i need a change. i have straight long hair.

  5. Perry M Reply:

    My husband is in the marines and I would like to cut costs by investing in a clipper set and cutting his hair at home. What are the techniques to give a good military haircut?

  6. Saki Reply:

    I’m asking about whether I could cut hair in my home for a price, as a hobby not as a career.

  7. Bridget Reply:

    many people i know already have experience cutting hair and they just go to barber school to get their liscense..would you think its better for me to cut hair at home..then go to barber school..or just join barber school and learn everything their?

  8. Sean3000 Reply:

    I’ve got a hairdresser that always cuts my hair at home and she does my hair very well. I want to dye my hair from medium brown to blonde. How much would it cost in a salon just to dye hair, i might go to Andrew Price or something but if it’s to expensive i wont.

  9. Rebekah Vellekamp Reply:

    Is it legal to cut hair free of charge, with out a license, but eccepting tips, out of your home in florida?

  10. D07 Reply:

    Hey I went to the hairstylist and Didnt get my hair cut the way I wanted. I love Emily Brownings Haircut in Uninvited. Is there someplace I can find out how to cut my hair at home like tht, Thanx a ton!

  11. Andrew Reply:

    I’ve got the good and snippey salon scissors, but how do I thin my hair? I got my bangs trimmed and thinned today, and I cut my hair at home today, and it looks nice, but I don’t want it as heavy.
    How do I thin it?

  12. Peggy Reply:

    I want to cut my hair at home and not pay for a stylist, especially since most of them keep messing up my hair. I want to cut my hair like Anne Hathaway’s current style(not during Les Miz, after it had grown out more.) I just want some tips and ideas on how to do it

  13. Dfa Reply:

    Hi ! I’m 13 and my hair is straight and it is until my shoulder and I was wondering if I could layer cut my hair at home with just scissors ? I don’t think I can afford to get those scissors that have those teeth like thingy ! :(( THANKS 😀 xx

  14. Carlos Reply:

    I have heard that it is illegal for a professional to cut hair at home. But what if it is for Grandma who is 74 years old or a niece who is 5. Can you get into trouble? It is not for money she works fill time already at a beauty shop.

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