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How to do Curly Updos

You may have such questions as How To Do Curly Updos and How To Do An Updo On Curly Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Do Updos For Curly Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Bridal Hair Updos Pictures,too. Read more as following:

I recently saw my daughter do a friend’s hair in a curly updo. She put up a sleek ponytail, catching all the hair up in the ponytail.Then she used a small barrel curling iron and curled tiny sections at a time all over the head. This created many small curls. She sprayed all this very well with hair spray after arranging the curls to her satisfaction. This was a very cute hair style that was not hard to do.

How to do curly updos?

1. Wash your hair with a defining shampoo and conditioner. If you have naturally curly hair, you can use your regular shampoo, but if your hair is normally limp and unable to hold a curl, Matrix has a "Curl Life" product line that creates frizz-free... More »

How to do an updo on curly hair?

1. Spray your hair with hairspray. An aerosol is the best choice because it dries faster. Hair with some product in it is much easier to handle and style. 2. Gather your hair at the nape of the neck. Hold it in a loose pony tail with one hand. 3. Twi... More »

How to Do Updos for Curly Hair

Summary: Curly hair creates beautiful updos with little effort, because the texture and movement lends itself to strong hold and interest. Use a few bobby pins for an instant curly updo with tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on... More »

How to do a curly updo hairstyle?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm going to show you, just a quick, curly updo style. You want to make sure that you've got your hair fully curled. I find the best foundation for an updo, the most secure, especially if you're going to do it on... More »

How to style curly hair up-dos?

Series Summary.... More »

How to create curly updos for long hair for prom?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm going to show you how to create a curly updo for prom hair. First you want to make sure your hair is clean and dry, spray it with a thermal protectant, and then curl your entire head. Then you're going to want... More »


  1. Karz91 Reply:

    This is my prom dress and I was thinking that a loose curly updo would look good. Any other suggestions?

  2. Mariah G Reply:

    My sweet sixteen is in a few weeks and I wanted to find a picture of a fancy, curly half updo to show my hair stylist as a reference. Does anyone know of a site where I can find pictures of a variety of styles?

  3. Justin Reply:

    does anyone know of any really good websites for prom hairstyles. i want a curly updo or any other updo. please help.

  4. Gabi Reply:

    my hair is about 5 or so inches below my shoulder. i was thinking either a curly updo, or a curly down style. help me decide!

  5. Peter Pan Reply:

    Hey! im going to a homecoming dance this friday and i really want a nice curly updo like taylor swift or selena gomez!
    do you know where i could get the steps or can you give me some steps?


  6. Jade Reply:

    My school is hosting a semi formal, and the theme is a masquerade ball. What should I wear to it? Should the dress be fancy, or can it be a little bit more casual? And is it okay to have hair down and straight or wavy than up in a curly updo?

    Links to pictures would also help a lot.

  7. Willy Reply:

    I have naturally straight hair. Also some good tips on a curly updo?

  8. High Heel Hanna. Reply:

    I wore it wavy/ relaxed curls yesterday at the party at my house and I got compliments. I am going to see most of the same people tonight. Straight curly, updo or do you have other suggestions. Btw, my hair is naturally relaxed/ wavy.

  9. Vladimir Anatolyevich Reply:

    I am getting married and am having a hard time finding pictures of curly updo’s that that have a side bang. I also want a style that I would be able to wear my veil on top of my head. Please Help!

  10. Wyckedchick Reply:

    I just did my hair into a really nice curly updo, so I don’t have to get up at 5 in the morning to spend 2 hours on it. How can I keep it in the updo when I sleep tonight? It’s really beautiful and I don’t want to mess it up. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  11. Krzyjay27 Reply:

    I am going to prom in a few weeks I am wanting to do a curly updo, any suggestions???

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