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How to Double French Braid Hair

You may have such questions as Instruction on How to Braid Hair and How Do You French Braid Someone’s Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To French Braid Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to French Braid Hair Myself,too. Read more as following:

To double French braid hair, you just have to know how to do a normal French braid. You will do one French braid on each side of your head and then connect them in one of several really pretty ways.

Where do i get instructions on how to braid hair?

... More »

How do You French Braid Someone Hair?

To french braid someone's hair you will need to start at the top of the scalp and gather three sections of hair. Overlap each section one at a time and gather more hair each time.... More »

How to French Braid Hair?

To french braid hair you will need a hair brush, a hair tie, both hands, a comb, some time and patience. It is best to braid slightly dirty hair rather than freshly cleaned hair. ... More »

directions on How to Braid Hair.

1. Sit behind your hair model for the best view of your work. 2. Brush any tangles or curls out of the hair before braiding. Try to make the hair as straight as possible. 3. Gather all of the hair you will braid into one hand, holding the hair in a f... More »

How to do Double French Braids?

Also called a combination braid, a double french braid hairstyle is when hair is french braided on both sides of the head, and they come together into one braid in the back, or near the nape of the neck. For more information look here: ... More »

How to French Braid Hair Easily?

French braiding is not always learned immediately. It takes time and practice but once learned it is very easy and a nice look on anyone. ... More »


  1. Charles Reply:

    I have very thin hair that comes to the middle of my back. I will not cut it.
    What is a simple hairstyle made for my hair type?
    Most styles I see don’t look right since my hair is so flat

  2. Mandyjayne Reply:

    My hair is wavy-straight, but wayyy too thick to leave out. I can leave it half-up, but that’s the best. Any updos for my hair? Thank you so much!

  3. Kelsey Reply:

    Hairdos without heat?. My hair is black, straight, and about 4-5 inches below my shoulders. Any suggestions? Pictures?. Thank you.

  4. Rebekah Vellekamp Reply:

    Ok so I have medium texture hair and it is medium length.And I’ve been searching no heat ways to get wavy hair.I’ve tried scrunching it,Paper bags,French braids,Regular braid,and twisting it up into a bun.But they just don’t look good for me.Any other ways?

  5. I Dont Want To Dance.sincerely Gavin Reply:

    please help. i needa know for pictures any hair stlyerr out there

  6. Lorena Cuahutle Reply:

    I need some new ideas I can do my hair in the morning. Note I cannot french braid but if you have any good websites or techniques about it I would love it if you shared it will me thank you!

  7. Sophie:) Reply:

    i have no clue how, i want to learn but i really dont understand the concept of it. please teach me. and should my hair be dry or wet?

  8. Kinglouie Reply:

    I have long hair and always thought that french braids were a neat way to keep hair in check….just can’t figure out how to do it.

  9. Ransu Reply:

    If you can double french braid your own hair by yourself does it come out looking good?

  10. Lil Monster Reply:

    I want french braid my hair on my own

  11. Toni Reply:

    I have straight hair. If I was to double French braid it to go to sleep and undo it in the morning for weeks or months , would my straight hair become wavy even after I take a shower and so on so that it would permanently be wavy.

  12. Nerdy Hipster Reply:

    Hi, i want to know which French braid is better to curl your hair with. Should I braid my hair in one big braid? Or two braids on each side of my head? Have you got any other methods to curl hair? I want to use a non heated method.

  13. Exotica Reply:

    I want to know how to do double french braids on my own hair.

  14. Deedee Reply:

    Hey I don’t have anyone with me and I want to double french braid my hair. Thx!

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