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How to Fish Braid Hair

You may have such questions as Instruction on How to Braid Hair and Directions on How to Braid Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to French Braid Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Fishbone Braid Hair,too. Read more as following:

To make a fish braid hairstyle, start with a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Take sections of hair from either side of your head and begin crossing them at the back of your head.

Where do i get instructions on how to braid hair?

... More »

directions on How to Braid Hair.

1. Sit behind your hair model for the best view of your work. 2. Brush any tangles or curls out of the hair before braiding. Try to make the hair as straight as possible. 3. Gather all of the hair you will braid into one hand, holding the hair in a f... More »

How to French Braid Hair?

To french braid hair you will need a hair brush, a hair tie, both hands, a comb, some time and patience. It is best to braid slightly dirty hair rather than freshly cleaned hair. ... More »

How to braid in hair extensions?

To braid in hair extensions, first decide on the style and length your trying to acheive. Part or section hair for braiding. Take the hair extension and start at the top of the scalp. Braid the hair in, with the real hair until you get to the end. Co... More »

How to French Braid Hair Easily?

French braiding is not always learned immediately. It takes time and practice but once learned it is very easy and a nice look on anyone. ... More »

How to Braid in Fake Hair?

Braiding in fake or synthetic hair is very common. Fake hair has been used as braids for millenia. There are step by step instructions to assist you. To find more information click here: ... More »


  1. Ry Hryshchuk Reply:

    I’ve got quite long, blonde hair. I’ve got a middle parting at the moment but I can easily switch it back.

    I’d like to try out some new hairstyles for the summer? Like messy buns/ fish braids etc..

    If you know of any tutorial videos, or have any ideas please help?:)

    Thanks in advance

  2. Oreo Reply:

    i heard putting braids in your hair every night worked? french braids or regular braids?

  3. Xxrawrxx Reply:

    The group was not Faith No More. It was around 2004-2005 when they released this song. It shows the group in like a open house dungeon and a gold fish flopping around on the ground. What group was this?

  4. Em Reply:

    I have medium short hair and i want it longer… Can you give me ideas for my hair to grow over the summer? 😀 i would really apreciate it 😀 for example braiding your hair every night or something (:

  5. Gul Reply:

    like when you braid your hair and in the morning its wavy,
    does fish tail braiding wave it too? has anyone tried it?

  6. Turtle Reply:

    I usually straighten my hair, but it’s been really dry lately. I’m trying to find new ways to style my hair without using a straightener or curling iron or anything like that. For example, my friend told me I could braid my hair overnight. If you have any other ideas, I’d appreciate it 😀

  7. Anayely Reply:

    ok so my hair is in layers and a couple inches past my shoulders. i dont think it looks good in a high ponytail. i tryed a side fish tail braid but the other side starts to fall down. any other styles? (it starts in one hour)

  8. Zach Reply:

    I’m not talking about like a ballerina hair swirl but like when you braid your hair it’s in the shape of a swirl please tell me.

  9. Leo Jb Reply:

    I need cute hair styles good for school, I already know, hair bows, fish braids & different plaits, but yeah, cute hair styles like those because my school photo is coming up real soon!!!!
    I have brown, really straight, long hair that reaches my hips.

  10. Ichigozgeneangels Reply:

    I have micro braids they are like little braids idk if you guys know what they are but my hair is wavy and it would look stupid in a high pony tail or fish braids.

  11. Luvbug! Reply:

    I really want to fish braid my hair but don’t know how!!! Help me please.

  12. Rawr Reply:

    I really wanna do really pretty braided hair style so what are the top 5 prettiest hair styles?

  13. M Reply:

    pin straight, curls, one fish tail braid ? btw my hair is long .

  14. Teraxtragedy Reply:

    I wanna try a new look on my hair. I know how to make regular cornrows but i dont know how to fish braid. My hair isnt all that long so im gonna try extentions.

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