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How to Flat Iron

You may have such questions as Which Ceramic Flat Iron Is the Best and How to Flat Iron African American Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented The Flat Iron. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Tips on Flat Ironing Hair,too. Read more as following:

To use a flat iron, turn it on and let it warm up. Pull your hair back in clips and do different layers at a time. Start at your scalp and slowly run down to the end of the hair.

Which Ceramic Flat Iron is best?

Solia. Chi burns your hair lol. And the sedu got my hair sooo stiff..but straight might work for you.... More »

How to flat iron african american hair?

1. Shampoo and condition the hair first. Use a deep conditioner before applying any heat product to the hair. 2. Blow dry the hair gently using a large-toothed comb. If you have time, avoid the blow dry, which could dry the hair out, and just comb th... More »

Who Invented the Flat Iron?

it was invented by a soldier in the Civil War. His name was Ballsack Mcgee and he was serious about his military creases. It led to the invention.... More »

What is a Flat Iron Steak?

A flat iron steak is from a cut of steak that is from a steer. In many butcher shops it is known as the top blade steaks. This part of meat has recently become more popular.... More »

How to Use a Flat Iron?

A flat iron is easy to use. Make sure your hair is dry. Run the flat iron through two inch sections of hair until all of the hair on your head is straight. And make sure not to touch your scalp with the iron, because it is hot!... More »

How to flat iron hair?

1) its very easy all you do is slide the flat iron through your hair 2) when straightening, turn the iron is the direction that you want your hair to flip 3) yes i use a second mirror, it helps a lot 4) it depends on the thickness, length and texture... More »


  1. Jose M Reply:

    I have a chi flat iron and the products I use on my hair are caked up on the flat iron. Is there any products that will clean my flat iron?

  2. Na Reply:

    Which one works better…the pro costs more but it’s smaller and is tourmaline ceramic but the ceramic flat iron is cheaper, bigger and made of 100% ceramic…does the pro work better…is it better for your hair…someone who owns or has used one please answer and what is your hair type thanks!

  3. Juan Diego Reply:

    I just purchased a babybliss nano titanium flat iron. What can i clean the plates with?

  4. Phil Reply:

    My hair is semi-wavy and sometimes I like to have it straight. What is the best flat iron to get and what product should I get to put in my hair beforehand?

  5. Penny Reply:

    Need a really good flat iron but what the heck! the have Ceramic and ceramic Tourmaline(oops on the spelling!) but im super confused!

  6. Emmabee Reply:

    I was wondering whether a ceramic flat iron is better for natural black hair than one that isn’t ceramic.
    Also, my hair dries intro wavy corkscrews and when I pick it out it turns into a fro. Should I flat iron before or after picking it out?

  7. Titanium Reply:

    I had a chi iron 2 years ago. As everyone knows their quite expensive. So i bought a regular flat iron for 9.00. It doesn’t seem to leave by hair as healthy looking as the chi and or as straight. Is it just me or does the chi iron really beat all other flat irons?

  8. Georgia Reply:

    I am looking to splurge on a new flat iron that is a actually top notch good flat iron. What flat irons do industry professionals use?
    also: if you are a certified hairdresser, what flat iron do you use at work and/or at home?

  9. Serenityann Reply:

    I use a metropolis flat iron and I blow dry my hair straight first. I can never get it to smooth out to look like it does at the salon.

  10. Co0k!3_sage Reply:

    What flat iron’s would you recommend for hair that is slightly above shoulders?
    Also if they lessen damaged ends post an answer.

  11. Kelly Clegg Reply:

    What is the best way to flat iron thin frizzy hair? What are some good protective products? What are some good techniques or tips?

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