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How to Get Longer Hair Fast

You may have such questions as How To Get Longer Hair Fast and How To Make Short Hair Grow Longer Fast,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Makes African Americans Hair Grow Fast. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Grow Hair Faster Recipes,too. Read more as following:

You can get longer hair fast by the use and or application of hair extensions. You can also massage the scalp to promote circulation which will trigger hair growth.

How to get longer hair fast?

O.K here's the thing there is no 100% true way to make your hair grow. It's just not possible I know because I am trying to grow my hair and it is not working. My 16th birthday is the end of April so I want to have my hair to my back. Although you ca... More »

How to make short hair grow longer fast?

1. Take 10,000 to 15,000 IU of beta-carotene daily. The supplement helps maintain normal growth and bone development, as well as healthy hair, skin and nails. Dosage varies based on age and weight. Consult with a physician beforehand. 2. Consider add... More »

What makes african american men hair grow fast?

as oprah says, vitamins, and good food, no junk foods....good exercise and lots of care...find a hairdresser you like...with a good reputation with African hair. go once a month and let yourself be retrained in how to take care of're w... More »

How to grow hairs longer?

dont straighten or do any damaging things to hair if you dont need too, basically no added heat to hair if not necessary. Use a horse shampoo & a dandruff/scalp shampoo just to keep your scalp extra healthy. Wash your hair in cold water. Dont wash yo... More »

Which Vitamins Cause the Hair to Grow?

You can maximize your hair's genetic growth cycle by including amino acids and B-vitamins in your diet, including B-6, biotin, Inositol and folic acid. Minerals such as sulfur, silica and zinc, beta-carotene and protein (since hair is a protein) are... More »

How to Grow Longer Hair?

To grow longer hair you will need to take great care of your hair. You will need to shampoo at least once a week. Be sure to condition the hair with an oil treatment.... More »


  1. Addey Reply:

    I really want long hair fast, too before school starts again, any tips or ways that i can do this?
    Also how i can lighten my hair without damaging it too much, because i dyed it black a while ago, but it is a light brown now.

  2. Kosi J Reply:

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone can give me tips or advice on how to grow longer hair, but FAST! I have heard a few things, but I’m looking for more answers. Right now my hair is a little below my shoulders, about 2 inches below my shoulders. Thanks so much!!! (:

  3. Suzan Frankfurt Reply:

    I have medium length hair and i really really want longer hair, is there a way of getting long hair faster without taking the vitamiins? Also i straighten or curl my hair most days and wash it about 5 or 6 times a week.

  4. Yeahso Reply:

    My hair was below my bust until it got damaged and i had to cut it. Now my hair is almost the length it used to be.So basically i just want to know how to get longer hair fast.

  5. Puppylover Reply:

    How to get long hair fast? I got a protein treatment today and a alcohol free mousse to scruch my hair instead of straightening it. Help! How to get long hair fast

  6. Keine Zeit Reply:

    i colored it a lot, but i stopped, and now i just want to get my hair really healthy and long. are their any vitamins i can take or what are some things i can do/ or not do to have beautiful healthy long hair….. FAST


  7. Gwyn Reply:

    I have blonde hair and its like around 5cm below me shoulders. I really want long hair and fast! How do i make my hair grow longer in shorter time?

  8. Alicia Reply:

    My parents made me cut my hair, and I hate short hair! So what are some ways I can get long hair fast?

  9. Angelica Reply:

    How can I get long hair fast? My hair last year use to be so long. Than I cut it in the summer:( I got a protein treatment today and a alcohol free mousse for scrunching my hair instead of straightening it. Will this help? Help me get long hair fast

  10. Neu Reply:

    I want long hair, but I have hair that goes down a little past my collar bones. I want long hair fast… how can I get it when I have thick hair? Also, what are some things that I could do with my hair for school and such?

  11. Ricky Southwell Reply:

    How can I get long hair fast? I straighten my hair alot.. If i start scrunching my hair will it help my hair grow? Since I wouldn’t be using heat, and what does a protein treatment do for hair?

  12. Ok Reply:

    I’m not sure how to grow long hair fast and I would like long hair for my ball in 2years! My hair is just getting below my chest . Is there any possible weird ways to grow long hair? By the way I’m a girl just saying(: thanks

  13. Rose Reply:

    I cut my hair to a bob just 2 weeks ago, and I really regret doing so. Is there any tips or tricks on how to grow longer hair faster? Thank you. :)

  14. Ameya Reply:

    I want to grow longer hair fast. I cant afford to go out and actually buy stuff to make my hair grow faster though…
    I already use no heat on my hair and give myself scalp massages. Anything else I can do?

  15. Chris Thomas Reply:

    what are some tips that will help me grow long hair fast? my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulder and i want to grow about 6-8 inches longer about how long would this take?

  16. Jose Alberto Reply:

    I want to grow my hair long before school starts in september. Any tips/advice to get longer hair faster? My hair is a little past my shoulders and I want to get it down to my belly button around there. Thanks soo much!:))

  17. Galaxxii Reply:

    Recently I’ve been wanting to grow my hair. Ive been taking these nail and hair pills but im not sure if their safe, and if they truly work. If anyone has any ideas how to grow longer hair fast. Please let me know.

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