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How to Grow Your Hair Long

You may have such questions as How to Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally and What Causes Hair To Grow,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Grow Black Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Grow Hair Faster Recipes,too. Read more as following:

Grow your hair long by eating right, taking a good multi-vitamin. Brush your hair everyday and get it trimmed to remove the split ends. It’s also a good idea to massage the head at least once a week.

How to Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally?

They say the best way to get rid of a bad haircut is to wait two weeks although it probably depends on how bad it was in the first place. But if you're wondering how to grow your hair faster naturally you will soon discover that it is one of those th... More »

What causes hair to grow?

Hair growth starts at the hair matrix. At the hair matrix, hair cells begin to divide and multiply. These cells begin to form the structures of the hair, as well as the inner root sheath. These epithelial cells also mix with melanocytes, which produc... More »

How to grow black hair?

1. Nourish your body. Commit to eating a well balanced diet every day. This means you should incorporate the recommended amounts of vitamin D, calcium, protein, fiber, omega-3 and B12 into your diet on a daily basis. All are essential vitamins and mi... More »

How to grow facial hair?

1. Wait. You grow facial hair better as you age. If you're already an adult, then you may need to see a doctor to have your testosterone levels checked. A low testosterone level can effect how you grow facial hair. 2. Check your genetic background. C... More »

How to Grow Hair Faster?

To make your hair grow faster, you need to take good care of your hair. Do this by not washing it as often and brushing it with care. You can also take a multivitamin. Visit the website, ... More »

How does Hair Grow?

How does hair grow, is an interesting question. Mainly hair goes through cycles over the course of your life. Hair growth can include several different factors however, the main factor is your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet can keep the hair growin... More »


  1. — Amit — Reply:

    I really want to grow my hair longer without a weave or anything like that. Any tips please?

  2. Animesh S Reply:

    I really want to grow my hair long, but it doesn’t grow very fast, are there any ways I can get it to do this without taking supliments ?

  3. Gibbon82 Reply:

    How do i grow my hair long in a natural fast way?

  4. Aubree Mccall Reply:

    I’m a boy, but i want to grow my hair long.
    I’ve tryed loads of methods like brushing it and washing it a lot
    but they don’t really work.
    How do I grow it quicker?

  5. Mark Stram Reply:

    He keeps his hair really short (like 1cm) and I want him to have long or at least somewhat long hair. His best friend has long hair and we are both always telling him to grow his hair long. I understand that it’s his life, but is there anything I can do to have him grow it longer?

  6. Robyn Reply:

    I got my hair cut into a chin-length bob 2 weeks ago and already it has grown about half an inch now that all the damage is gone.

    How can I grow my hair long faster? And by summer how many inches should my hair grow?

  7. Ava Reply:

    I am a guy and I want to grow my hair long like a rocker. I’m aiming for the same length of hair as Angus Young (guitarist of ACDC) Any tips on how I can do so. Much appreciated.

  8. Joe L Reply:

    I really want to grow my hair long, but I am not sure how to do this faster, any tips?

  9. Asher Reply:

    I want to grow my hair long this winter.

  10. Sammy Gabbie My Poos! Reply:

    ok so i want to grow my hair longer and quicker. what should i do?

  11. Julie Liu Reply:

    Im trying to grow my hair long
    but i want to keep the styling and colour
    what should i do to grow it
    quick and keep it healthy?

  12. My Dogs Are My Life Reply:

    is there a way to grow hair longer and quicker?

  13. Natmel13 Reply:

    Im trying to grow my hair long and im having a bit of trouble. any tips?
    Thanks everybody :]

  14. Shayna Reply:

    I got a buzz haircut a month ish ago, and i wanna grow my hair long to get Cornrows OR Dreadlocks, how long would yu think it’ll take? how long does it have to be? how much would it cost? please help mee

  15. Ojil Reply:

    I’m trying to grow out my hair to just an inch or two above my belly button. Does anyone know any old secrets or tips to growing hair long and quickly? Thanks so so much 😀

  16. Nevin Mansoor Reply:

    I need my hair longer this fall so I can put my hair down for a musical! I need help and please tell me what type of mane and tail shampoo and contitioner works on grow hair long? Thank you!

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