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How to Loc Your Dreads

You may have such questions as How to Make Dreads Lock Faster and How Long Does It Take for Dreads to Lock up,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Create Dread Locs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Temporary Dreads,too. Read more as following:

To loc your dreads is a process that can take quite a while. You will need to wash and section your hair off. Simply take a section of hair and roll with loc gel or beeswax. Let hair dry.

How to Make Dreads Lock Faster?

There are quite a few dread gels to make them hold tight. The best is twist and lock dread gel and once you apply it clip the root until it dries.... More »

How long does it take for dreads to lock up?

Your hair should be at least three inches long to start dreadlocks. Thanks for using Cha...... More »

How to create dread locs?

1. First decide how thick you want your locs. Basically the thicker you want your locs to be the more hair your will twist together. It is easier to start your locks out smaller then join them together later if you want them very thick. 2. Part a sec... More »

How to Retwist Dreads?

You will want to start at the back along the neckline. Use beeswax or what ever twist and lock gel you prefer. Apply the gel at the scalp and twist the dread. After you have twisted it tight apply a hair clip until it is dry. Do this all over your he... More »

How to dye dread locs?

Maybe this will help: ... More »

How to loc hair?

1. Locing is basically not combing out dead or fallen hair and allowing it to mesh or lock with the other hair. There are two ways to lock hair. The Freeform loc is simply washing your hair with a non-detangler shampoo, towel dry and leaving it alone... More »


  1. Joe Reply:

    I am trying to start to loc my hair but, because my hair is short I do not know how to keep them together until they loc up. I am starting with twist or comb curls, what can I do???

  2. Winnie Reply:

    My hair is very thick and nappy and im planning on getting dreads, i have no idea how to start, people say start off with the two strand twist and let them loc up from their, but i dont know how often to wash or palmroll, i just want to know the basics of starting out

  3. Jakky Reply:

    i like you to tell me how to make my hair a dread lock like that of t-pain and lil wayne. my friends always tell me i will look more better in dread lock that in afro. how do i make my hair to grow fast or will it be ok if i start it from the 3 or 4 inches long?

  4. Akshay N Reply:

    K here is my thing i just started dreadlocks and i am going to be a healthcare admin. ( running a hosiptal ) but i dont graduate for about 2 more years. Could i still look professional with shoulder length dreads? What do you guys think?

  5. Horseygirl68 Reply:

    Is it possible to wash my dreads without re twisting them. They have already loc it’s just that I want to wash them without my hair getting frizzy and nappy. Thanks for your help.

  6. I Want To Be Forever Young Reply:

    How do you keep up with while going though the locing process?

  7. Bonehead Reply:

    My locs are almost 7 months old and ive been doing my own re-twists for the past 2 months. I have only been re-twisting the roots and about half an inch to an inch up the loc but should i be re-twisting the whole thing?

  8. Isabella Reply:

    I have about six inches of straight, black hair.

    I was thinking about forming dreads, but I think my hair is too short.

    How long would my dreadlocks be if I were to form them now, and would it look ridiculous?

    Is it better to start early or should I wait for my hair to grow out?


  9. Kia Reply:

    I have always wondered this when I told people I was getting dreads they said all kinds of crazy shit like it can’t be washed. Why do you like or hate them?

  10. Nicki Reply:

    I know its a african american thing but i have long hair and in a band.
    i was planning on breading but i like dread locks….
    would it be weird to see a native with dread locks?

  11. Manish Reply:

    My hair is already natural and it’s about 5 to 6 inches, the back touches my neck and the front is to the bottom of my ears. I would like to have the finished look of dreads, but am willing to wait if the end result will be better. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  12. Xai Reply:

    I have african american textured hair hair and i want to get to get dreads by twisting. What i need to know is how do i do it and what stuff do I need?

  13. Socal.femme Reply:

    I have already tried the jamaican mango & lime resistant formula locking gel, and my twist didn’t hold that long. Do anyone know any twist/ loc gel that last for a long time of period?

  14. Don Reply:

    I’ve begun my loc journey and I’m a little over 5 months in. I’ve been retwisting at the roots and have now decided to start palm rolling. When is it a good time to start? Or how long should I wait or should have waited?

  15. Loving~mu~amor Reply:

    Im thinking about getting dreads and I was wondering about the process. Should my hair be twisted or is there some other way to start the process?

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