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How to Make Dark Hair Lighter

You may have such questions as How To Dye Dark Hair Lighter and How To Color Dark Hair Lighter,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Dye Dark Hair A Lighter Color. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do You Make Black Hair Lighter,too. Read more as following:

To make dark hair lighter, you can dye your hair. If your hair is dark brown, or black, you can buy a light brown hair dye, and use it to make your hair lighter in color.

How to dye dark hair lighter?

1. Prepare your hair by using a deep-conditioning mask. Comb this through, and make sure your hair is tangle-free and moisturized. Any dry spots could make your new color look patchy. 2. Choose a color. You may find using a swatch kit helpful, or you... More »

How to color dark hair lighter?

1. Be realistic. If you have black hair and want to be a platinum blond, home hair coloring is not an option. An attempt to make such a drastic change yourself will not yield the color you want and it can severely damage your hair. 2. Calculate wheth... More »

How to dye dark hair a lighter color?

1. Decide on the color you want your hair. If you have dark hair, and you want a light brown color, this can probably be done using a home kit. However, if you have extremely dark hair and want to become a blonde, your best bet is to go to a salon an... More »

Does Lemon juice make your hair lighter?

To be completely honest, I'm not sure how lemon juice would affect the color of black hair. I have naturally deep brown hair. I have never "lemon juiced" my hair before, but my mom has said that when she was young, she used to do that as well. She sa... More »

How to Dye Dark Hair Lighter Without Bleach

For YEARS women have had dilemas of dying their hair....I am here to help!!... More »

How to bleach dark hair to add lighter color?

1. Mix the powder bleach with the peroxide in your bowl. The consistency should be thick and gravy-like. If the mixture runs off of the brush easily, continue to add more powder until you reach the correct consistency. 2. Use the brush to completely... More »


  1. Spencer Reply:

    I want to dye my dark blonde hair a lighter blonde (like medium or golden blonde), but I want to do it without adding toxic chemicals to my body. What’s the best product to use?

  2. Genius Reply:

    I want to dye my hair with a Clairol Demi-Permanent dye. It says its reccomended for dark hair. I have light brown/dirty blonde hair. How will the color look? Will it be the same?

  3. Theredspot Reply:

    I have natural dark hair. Its a dark brown. I wish to have it a lighter color. I don’t like the idea of bleaching my hair. I also don’t have the money to go get it done by a pro. Anything I can do?

  4. Teeheehee Reply:

    I currently have very dark hair. (I’m naturally a light-ish doo-doo brown) and I want to dye the ends Ronald McDonald red; can I use a dye such as Manic Panic over the dark and will it work? Or do I have to bleach/strip the dark color off 1st?

  5. Hamsterlover Reply:

    I have dark brown nearly black long hair that is naturally that color, fair skin and huge big blue eyes that change color’s with my mood from green to blue.
    What do people think of people with dark hair and light bright eyes?
    (i’m curious)
    HAHA thank u

  6. Dj.skitlz Reply:

    I’m trying to go lighter with my hair and I really don’t want to get streaky highlights because I want to change my dark hair to a lighter color, any suggestions?

  7. Rowan Reply:

    Hello, I was just wondering how common dark hair with light eyes is? (Particularly dark brown and green)

    What is the probability of the genes crossing over and causing this?

    Thanks in advance for responses

  8. Coco Reply:

    i have dark brown hair and all these drugstore brands claim they will turn dark hair lighter. im looking to dye my hair a medium-dark auburn color. any suggestions for drugstore hair color?

  9. Lovemyhorse Reply:

    ok so I have naturally dark brown hair however, I really want light brown, but I heard that when you dye dark hair lighter it turns orange! is this true? also will I be able to go lighter? Thanks.

  10. Mr.d Reply:

    OK here’s the deal.I want my dark brown hair lighter naturally I would prefer it if I could do it by using a special shampoo or something common and not too expensive.
    Thanks for the help!

  11. Robert Perez Reply:

    my natural hair color is dark brown…every time i try to dye my hair light brown, it ends up turning out really dark…. it’s happened to me twice already… does anyone know any good dyes to turn dark hair lighter? i would appreciate any advice.

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