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How to Make Hair Grow Quicker

You may have such questions as How To Make Your Hair Grow Quicker and What Makes Hair Grow Quicker,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Can I Make My Hair Grow Quicker. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Grow Hair Faster Recipes,too. Read more as following:

To make your hair grow quicker cut split ends off the end of your hair and eat protein rich foods. By eating protein rich foods, this gives your hair what it needs in order to grow.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Quicker?

To help make your hair grow faster there are things that will help. You need to make your heart work more by exercising. Having a proper diet and keeping your hair clean also works. Get regular hair trims, not making it into a ponytail, and be patien... More »

What makes hair grow quicker?

Extensions or wigs provide a fast solution to those who don't want to sport short hair, but promoting natural, rapid hair growth is a little more difficult. The average person's hair grows at about a half-inch per month, according to hair care profes... More »

How can I Make my Hair Grow Quicker?

To make your hair grow quicker, you can always buy "hair vitamins" online, or you can do the same (cheaper) by eating a good diet (lots of fruits and veggies). Another tip for healthy and growing hair is to take prenatal vitamins. They have lots of n... More »

Does hair grow faster if you cut it?

Hair is a type of protein that is part of the integumentary system. Hair grows out of hair follicles embedded deep inside the skin. The hair shaft is made up of dead hair cells, and the only part of the hair that contains living cells is the root. Ha... More »

How to make a child's hair grow quicker?

Hair grows best when it is healthy. Your child's hair has a genetic terminal length. If you are seeking to grow extreme hair lengths, your genetic pool will ultimately determine if you achieve those results. Starting with a good diet and nutrition pl... More »

What Vitamin is Good for Hair Growth?

Several vitamins can help with hair growth. But it seems to be vitamin e that helps stimulate the scapl for hair growth. B6 and B12 help prevent hair loss.... More »


  1. Ooooo Reply:

    i really want my hair to grow quicker if thats at all possible and i want it to be healthy. Any tips?

  2. Ana Reply:

    I really want my hair to grow quicker as it doesn’t seem to be! It’s shoulder length and very thick any tips?

  3. Alka Reply:

    I have extensions but they take ages to put in every morning, i was wondering if anyone knows a way to help hair grow quicker (without trimming) ?

  4. E L I Reply:

    Does taking pre natal tablets make hair grow quicker?

  5. Junoi Reply:

    I am getting married in November. I want my hair to grow quicker and longer by the time of the wedding. It is a tiny bit below my shoulders now.

  6. Rosiex Reply:

    I really really want my hair to grow and have done for ages.
    I don’t think it’s grown at all really so is there anything that can make hair grow quicker?
    Any tips?
    Thank you.

  7. Jaz Reply:

    I hate having no facial hair, being the only one in my grade that doesnt shave. Ive shaved before but i havent had to since then. any tips on making my facial hair grow quicker and thicker than it does or info on facial hair growth would help. thanks

  8. Miguel B Reply:

    Really debating on getting extensions but I’ve heard they totally wreck your hair? Is there any suggestions on what products I could use to make my hair grow quicker?

  9. Nerd Gal Reply:

    Hi are there any remedies or tablets that i can take to make my hair grow quicker or thicker?

  10. Liina Reply:

    I’m trying to grow my hair out to my hips.. I take pills to make my hair grow called hair skin & nails.. There okaayy. What’s some other things that will make my hair grow quicker?

  11. Sycokittie Reply:

    I know this has been asked like a million times, but is there a proven method of making hair grow quicker? chnage in diet? washing it with something different? anything??

    I really want my hair to grow a copuple of inch and quick coz i’m hating it this short.

  12. Dianasaur Reply:

    Is there any way to make my hair grow quicker? I really want to grow my natural colour back.

  13. Miller Diggs Reply:

    I just want some tips or advice to make my hair grow quicker cause i hate short hair! Can anyone help me without me spend a fortune ? Thanks x

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