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How to Make Your Bangs Grow Faster

You may have such questions as How to Wear Your Hair When Growing Out Bangs and How To Make Bangs Grow Faster,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make My Hair Bangs Grow Faster. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Tips on Growing Out Bangs,too. Read more as following:

The only way to make your bangs grow faster is to make all of your hair grow faster. Eat a high protein diet, like eggs, fish, and steak. This is the best way to make hair grow!

How to wear your hair when growing out bangs

Growing out your bangs can be a long and drawn out process. During this phase of your hair growing journey try to use a head band in your hair or you can utilize bobby pins to keep the not-yet-long-enough bangs out of your face.... More »

How to make bangs grow faster?

1. Massage your scalp daily to increase scalp stimulation. Massage the area around the bangs, including the temples and forehead in order to increase blood flow and encourage a healthy follicle. 2. Take hair vitamins that include biotin, lysine, vita... More »

How to Make My Hair Bangs Grow Faster

If your hairdresser trims your bangs embarrassingly short, your have three options to accelerate their re-growth. Hair grows approximately a half inch every month, or 6 inches a year. Scalp massages improve circulation and stimulate hair growth, as d... More »

How to Grow Hair Faster?

To make your hair grow faster, you need to take good care of your hair. Do this by not washing it as often and brushing it with care. You can also take a multivitamin. Visit the website, ... More »

How to Grow Faster?

You can't make yourself grow faster or even grow at all. It's all in genectics. If you have a family with tall people then more than likely you will be on the tall side.... More »

How to make nails grow faster?

Holland & Barratt do a supplement called Skin, Hair & Nails for this very problem. I have used it and its good. It just gives good all round nutrition. You can also try massaging a little almond or olive oil into the nail cuticles once a week... More »


  1. Twinkles Reply:

    I want my bangs to grow faster.

  2. Derek Reply:

    I need my bangs to grow faster!! What’s a trick to make it grow faster?

  3. Jarrod Reply:

    I’ve had bangs my whole life and was wondering why do they (or seem to) grow faster than the rest of my hair??
    I’m in the process of growing them out now and they got long pretty fast!

  4. Tuesday P Reply:

    Its been a week and school starts tomorrow!
    I got a really bad haircut… haircut person (which i’m really mad at now) gave me short shaggy bangs when i didnt want them!
    How can i make my bangs grow faster so i dont have to clip them up all the time?

  5. Yash Reply:

    any tips on how to make my bangs grow faster? i really want to grow them out a bit. i know the whole massage your scalp but that doesn’t seem to help much!

    any tips?


  6. Tom2 Reply:

    What is the most simplest way to make your hair (bangs) grow faster? Thanks!

  7. Britney Loslem Reply:

    I have side bangs and the lady cut them too short! Im really upset and balling my eyes out about it! How can I make my bangs grow faster without using crazy methods? I need results soon! PLEASE HELP!

  8. May Reply:

    I got my bangs kinda too short, so i just pinned them up. Im just curious if bangs grow faster or slower than the hair length.

  9. Peacebalance Reply:

    how do i make my hair AND my saide bangs grow faster??
    it was a mistake to cut my hair :(
    a big regret.


  10. Chrissy Reply:

    I went to the hair salon two days ago and I wanted the lady to cut my bangs, but she cut it up to my eyebrows and she failed on making it look like the hairstyle i want it to be. How can you make bangs grow faster? (My bangs look eh and it looks weird on me)

  11. Hey Jude Reply:

    My bangs grow super faster then the rest of my hair.
    Why does this happen ?

  12. Requiem Reply:

    Is there a product or some hair tip that can make my bangs grow faster?
    ‘Cause I cut my own bangs just like 30 minutes ago(I know bad idea, especially since I am only 13 yrs old), && I cut them too short, that they don’t look pretty when I put them to the side.

  13. Snottyrotty Reply:

    I made the mistake of trying to cut my bangs a little shorter and now it looks ridiculous. Are there any ways of helping my bangs grow faster so I don’t look ridiculous when school starts? Please help! :(

  14. Victoria Reply:

    I want to grow my bangs out and I was wondering if bangs grow faster then then rest of your hair on average.

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