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How to Put a Relaxer in African American Hair

You may have such questions as What Makes African American Hair Grow and How To Put A Relaxer In African American Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Put A Hair Relaxer In African American Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to African American Hair Products,too. Read more as following:

To put a relaxer in African American hair, you would section off your hair in four sections. Clip back the three section you will not be working on and with the loose section of hair, begin to apply the relaxer near the nap and onto the hair. Try not to get any relaxer on the scalp. Continue doing this for all sections of hair and leave the relaxer in at the recommended time is says in the instructions and then wash out.

What Makes African American Hair Grow?

To make african american hair grow, keep it clean and moisturized. Use conditioners to protect the hair from high heat. Avoid products with alcohol or other substances that can dry the hair out. Some experts recommend sleeping on a satin pillow or wr... More »

How to put a relaxer in african american hair?

1. Part your hair into four sections. 2. Spread protective gel or Vaseline around the edges of your hair and the tops of your ears. This will protect your skin from coming into contact with chemicals. 3. Pour the activator liquid into the container o... More »

How to put a hair relaxer in african american hair?

1. Get your scalp ready for the hair relaxer treatment. Do not scratch or rub your scalp for at least five days before the day you plan on using the relaxer. Scratching can cause your scalp to become sore or irritated, which can make your scalp more... More »

How to pick a relaxer for african american hair?

1. Determine what kind of perm you need based on the outcome you want. If you want to make your hair more manageable, you want to purchase a relaxer which relaxes the natural curl pattern of the hair. A relaxer will make your hair moderately straight... More »

How to straighten african american hair without relaxer?

1. Manipulate a blow dryer. Put a comb attachment on it. Then, on freshly washed hair, apply conditioning oil. With your blow dryer on high, comb through sections of your hair until it is straight. Then, style as usual. 2. Twirl a curling iron. Use o... More »

How to treat damaged relaxed african american hair?

1. Condition the hair daily by wetting the hair, applying conditioner and letting it set in for three minutes before rinsing it out. The conditioner will help restore damaged cuticles. 2. Limit hair washing to no more than two or three times a week b... More »


  1. Fishingman5267 Reply:

    For african american hair,can you leave a relaxer in you hair for half the amount of time(or halfway) and get waves or loose curls?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Selina Reply:

    What do you think the best product line is for african american hair
    – a product the grows it
    – a product that thickens it

  3. Abi Reply:

    I am a african american woman, i put relaxers/perms in my hair. I wouldlike to know how long i have to wait after i have permed my hair to color it?

  4. Sanan Reply:

    I am an african american female who recently went natural. I have fine hair. I don’t want to put a relaxer in my hair because of breakage, however I do want my hair straight every now and then. What is the best flat iron to buy?

  5. Emma – Lee Reply:

    I’m taking out my dreadlocks and I want to keep my hair manageable ( i have african-american hair) but scared to put in a relaxer cause I heard it might fall out. What should i do?

  6. Jarrred Reply:

    I have African American hair and I want to no how
    To make it grow long and fast my mom has already put a relaxer in and I want to know how to make it grow really long and fast but not using expensive hair products please help me

  7. Sawyer Reply:

    I am planning to dye my hair sometime during the week but it is the first time I am dying my hair without putting a relaxer on it 3 weeks before dyeing. I would like to know whether it is safe to put colors like light browns or reds on natural african-american hair?

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