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How to Sewn in Hair Weaves

You may have such questions as How Do You Put in a Hair Weave and Show Me How to Weave a Full Head of Hair,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Braid Hair For A Sewnin Weave. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Black Hair Magazine Pictures,too. Read more as following:

To sew in hair weaves take a lot of time and patience. Under the crown of the hair, usually from ear to ear in the back, a braid is braided across and the weave is sew/weaved in throughout there.

How do you put in a hair weave?

Wash and dry your hair first. Using a rat tail comb section the hair into small narrow rows from front to back, secure with a bobby pin. Braid rows into tight cornrows. Using a threaded hair weaving needle insert it into weave track then lay the corn... More »

show me how to weave a full head of hair

Before you start to weave, wash you hair and dry it first. If you're doing the full weave,you start by braiding your hair really tight. When you're done cornrowing, it will look like a beehive.Then you sew your weave on the braided hair just the way you sew anything else, making sure that it won't loosen. Brushing and styling may be necessary after the hair ...... More »

How to braid hair for a sewn-in weave?

1. Pull your hair into a ponytail without tying the ponytail off. Keep the braid low so the hair tracks cannot be seen. 2. Use the comb to divide the hair into three parts. 3. Move the left section of hair, or braid A, over the middle section of hair... More »

sewn in Hair Weaves?

Sew in hair Weaves. First you will need to decide what way you will braided the hair down In most cases you will braid the hair straight back then take the needle and thread and sew the braids to the scalp. Once that complete you can start sewing the... More »

How is a sewn in hair weave applied?

Wash or perm hair as needed.Grease scalp if needed and make sure hair is complete...... More »

How do you tighten sewn in hair weaves?

sew over top of already sew weft.... More »


  1. Emm Reply:

    Usually when I get a hair weave done there threaded in .And your very limited to what you can do.But Iwould like to be able to put my hair in high pony tails and do some different hair style instead of being limited to the low pony tail.Do I need to get a lace weave or what?

  2. Cyndal Golbeck Reply:

    I would like to do hair weaves only. I am not interested in doing roller sets or any other thing….I just want to do sew-in weaves. Do I need a license?

  3. Silvana Reply:

    I’ve been trying to find product that aren’t to harsh on my hair weave. I want o maintain the shine and the silky texture of the hair without ruining by washing with the wrong products.

  4. Ladyboo Reply:

    I am going to do my friends hair but we are not sure how much hair weave we need for a full head, We are doing the sew-in weaving. and Any ideas where to find a good weave? or any affordable prices?

  5. Oh,heyyou. Reply:

    I already know the basic hair weaves such as bond, infuision, and sewing. I would like to try something different with my hair, a different kind of weave.

  6. Joosh Reply:

    I currently have a curly sew in and after the first washing it looked awful since it keeps tangling. I’m about to uninstall it and get another weave with more gentler curls/ waving since I kind of don’t want straight hair weave. I was wondering if anyone can let me know which brands will hold up.

  7. Gesnaughts Reply:

    I really want to try sew-ins and I’ve been researching the best wavy hair weave. I want one thats soft, doesn’t tangle/shed much, and returns to its wavy pattern after washing the hair. Any opinions or reviews are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the advice, but its not what I asked for.

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