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How to Straighten Your Hair

You may have such questions as How to Straighten Your Hair at Home and How to Straighten Your Hair Naturally,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Was The Hair Straightener Invented. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Straighten Curly Hair,too. Read more as following:

To straighten your hair, you can use a hair straightener, bought from the store, or you can also blow dry your hair, while brushing it, and this will help to straighten it.

How to straighten your hair at home?

You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair. They have ones that work on wet or dry hair. You can also use a round brush and blow dry it. If you are using the blow dryer make sure you pull the hair tight with the brush so it will make it straight... More »

How to straighten your hair naturally?

Grow your hair longer.... More »

When was the Hair Straightener Invented?

The first hair straightener was a metal straightening comb invented in 1905 by Madam C. J. Walker. The straightening comb revolutionized the way African American women straightened their hair. ... More »

How to Straighten Hair Naturally?

There a few ways you can straighten your hair without worrying about damaging your hair with heating irons. First, you can apply 1/3 cup milk from a spray bottle on your hair about 20-30 minutes before you shower. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your t... More »

Who Invented the Hair Straightener?

In the late 1800s, Marcel Grateau used heating rods to straighten the hair. From that evolved several forms of heated or pressing combs and today's flat irons.... More »

What is the best hair straightener?

Some of the best types of hair straighteners include the Karmin Titanium, the Karmin Envy Pink Professional Tourmaline Ceramic, Farouk Chi Silver Nano 1" Flat Iron and the Chi Wet to Dry Hair straightener. These hair straighteners are all very popula... More »


  1. Ashton Reply:

    what is the easiest way to effectively straighten hair out using only the average things found in a house washroom?

  2. Lindsey Reply:

    I’m a black male and hve wanted my hair straight for a while but i don’t know of any products that straighten hair(black peoples) do yall know of any?


  3. Kong Kong Reply:

    I guess in essence what im asking is, is there a ghetto way to straighten hair?

  4. Person Reply:

    I’m tired of drying out my hair with the straighteners and hair dryers. Anyone know another way to straighten hair without any heat at all?

  5. Jet Reply:

    And not both? i was led to belive to straighten hair you have to relax the hair and then use a hair straigtner (cernamic). I didnt know u can only use one of them.

  6. O Till We Overdose ..`, Reply:

    Whats the difference between straightened hair and non-straightened hair?

    How to notice if its straightened or not? (When its all out and when it put in (eg. ponytail))

    Thankyou ! :)

  7. Trueblood Reply:

    Hello im a guy and i straighten my hair because its curly but sometimes i dont have enough time to do it so im wondering what is the second best way to straighten hair can anyone please tell me?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Augasm Reply:

    I like straighten hair.I use iron but i think i demaged my hair with iron.What can i use to my hair go straighten?

  9. Arely Diaz Reply:

    I have very short, somewhat wavy hair that is hard and frustrating to flatiron, but looks terrible when dried naturally. I’ve heard milk can straighten hair. Does this actually work, and would it be strong enough to forgo flatironing?

  10. Zebidee Reply:

    Are there any hair salons in england to permanantly straighten hair?

    are there any salons in northeast, england
    to professonaly straighten hair.
    in northeast england.
    Where are they located?
    what is the price?
    what is there phone number?

  11. Paloma Reply:

    Hi. I was just wondering if any of you knew how to straighten hair without a flat iron because I don’t have one but sometimes I need to straighten my hair.

  12. Zion Reply:

    I really want to straighten my hair, but I don’t have the time to do all that work, is there a fast and easy other way to straighten hair?

  13. Pythonminion Reply:

    I have sort of straight hair. Is their anyway you can straighten hair without a straightener. My hair is not not curly at all. I’m tired of straightening my hair and it’s going to damage it one day. I used to straighten it everyday. It normally would take about 5-10 min. So is their anyway?

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