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Is Grecian Formula Safe

You may have such questions as Does Grecian Formula Really Work and Does Grecian Formula Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about Can Women Use Grecian Formula. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Warnings about Grecian Formula for Men,too. Read more as following:

Grecian Formula is typically safe, though it has a weird smell. It is most commonly used in men, but can be used in women as well. It is toxic if ingested.

Does grecian formula really work?

Grecian Formula is a hair coloring product that is made specifically for men. According to consumers, the product does work. However, the pigment of the hair may not always be what you expect.... More »

Does grecian formula work? Or Just for men is better?

just use normal hair dye. it's stupid to buy other more expensive dye, just because the industry says that men's hair is different. nonsense. i'd recommend l'oreal though.... More »

Can women use grecian formula to color their gray hair?

I see no reason why not. I think it is the only way they can sell it to men if they say it is for them.... More »

How to get rid of grey hair?

1. Cover grey hair that is 10% grey by applying a color rinse. Hair that is only 10% grey will contain enough pigmented hair to hold onto a color rinse. Color rinses are specially formulated shampoos that contain small amounts of hair color, and will... More »


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    If so, how well did it work, and do you think it would work for women’s hair just as well?

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