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Where can I Get Hair Extensions Done

You may have such questions as How Are Hair Extensions Done and Where Can I Get Hair Extensions Done,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Braid In Hair Extensions. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hair Extensions Prices,too. Read more as following:

You can get hair extensions done at beauty salons that specialize in extensions. The best place to get hair extensions done is a salon recommended by someone you know. Word-of-mouth is a great sales report. You should request references before getting the hair extensions done, if possible.

How are hair extensions done?

Hair extensions are generally either human hair or a synthetic material and are added to the hair for length, thickness and/or coverage. Synthetic hair has low heat resistance and therefore is sold pre-styled. Using a hot flat-iron or curling iron on... More »

Where can I Get Hair Extensions Done?

You'll need to call around to lacal beauty shops to see who offers hair extensions as a service. It is a specialized service and not all salons will offer it.... More »

How to braid in hair extensions?

To braid in hair extensions, first decide on the style and length your trying to acheive. Part or section hair for braiding. Take the hair extension and start at the top of the scalp. Braid the hair in, with the real hair until you get to the end. Co... More »

How to Put in Hair Extensions?

In order to put in hair extensions it would depend on the type of extension that you are using. For wefted weaves the tools you would generally need is hair glue or a hair needle and hair sewing thread. In order to use the glue you must part the hair... More »

How to Sew in Hair Extensions?

To sew in extensions the first thing you need to know is the style that you are seeking. Once you have the style then you would need to braid your hair the best thing to do is to braid your hair in one cornrow all the way around your hair from the ba... More »

How to do Hair Extensions?

Let's face it, being able to go from short spikes to long, flowing waves in the blink of an eye is great! Hair extensions provide a way to totally change the length of your hair for a short period of time. Before wearing hair extensions, the natural... More »


  1. Rayn Reply:

    Hello I have chin length hair and I want to get hair extension done by a hair dresser, I want them to be just under my ribs. Roughly how much do you think this would cost. Answer in British £ please xxxx

  2. Manish Reply:

    How often do you wear wigs? If you’ve ever worn them, what type of wig or hair extension do you use?

  3. Secret Stranger Reply:

    Hi, Im looking to get hair extensions done, prefereably micro loop ones coz iv heard they dont wreck your hair as much! Any suggestions?

  4. Megz Reply:

    I have six 3 inch clip in hair extensions does anybody know how to put them in to make them look natural??

  5. Vick Reply:

    How do i make hair extensions?
    does any one know a step by step procedure like step 1 step 2 and so on?

  6. Ari Reply:

    I want clip in hair extensions, do you have to sew them in I was under the assumption they just clip into the roots of you scalp (kinda into the hair) and you where them! Is that wrong?

  7. Linda C Reply:

    How do I get hair extensions as long as the character Cora in Music and Lyrics? I have pretty long hair but i want it down to my waist what kind of hair extensions do i buy?

  8. Yulka41 Reply:

    I want to get my hair extensions done at JC Penney, but i need to know the costs.

  9. Jx2_11 Reply:

    I’m dying to get weave hair extensions done but need a ball park estimate of how much it will cost to get them done if I have the weft hair already. What is the average price of the labor aspect of it?

  10. Sammy101 Reply:

    How much would it cost to get some glue in hair extensions done at a hair dressers? Like how much am I looking around spending on it?

    Also, how long does it take to get done?

  11. Cherry Reply:

    I want to get hair extensions done for my prom night professionally at a salon :] How much roughly will it cost me?

  12. Polo Reply:

    what is pre bonded hair extensions? do clipons stay on? which is the best way to go about this and what is cheap? can you dye your extensions?

  13. David Davis Reply:

    i have my hair extensions done and they have been attached for 3 months, know i want to take them off and re do the glue again. any help about what glue should i use and how should i make them, please help me !!!

  14. Brian Reply:

    I just got hair extensions done this morning and they are killing me! Any pointers from people who have had hair extensions and this similar problem?

  15. Deja Reply:

    I have straight hair. but i want to buy some wavy hair extensions. do you think my hair would blend in well with the wavy extensions??

    All advice and opinions are welcome !!

    The extensions are human hair extensions.

  16. Fergotnfire Reply:

    My friend told me there was a place on Hastings where I could get them done for $5 each but I can’t find it. So if you know where I could get feather hair extensions done for very cheap please let me know

  17. Kenzie Reply:

    I’m looking for a good place to get hair extensions done at in San Jose. I’m really looking for an experienced person. My hair is thinner then I want and I want hair extensions to make it look fuller. If you know a place can you tell me there price range?

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