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Why do Humans have Eyelashes and Eyebrows

You may have such questions as Why Do We Need Eyelashes and What Is the Purpose of Eyelashes,or you may also seek several helpful information about Do Eyelashes Grow Back. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Why Do People Have Eyelashes,too. Read more as following:

From what I know, humans have eyelashes and eyebrows to help protect our eyes. Eyelashes and Eyebrows prevent dirt and debris from falling into our eyes.

Why do we need eyelashes?

Eyelashes protect the eyes from particles, foreign objects, sunlight and perspiration. They ...... More »

What is the Purpose of Eyelashes?

The purpose of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes. They help keep wind, dust and other irritants out of your eyes. They can even help us keep the sunlight out of our eyes as well.... More »

Do eyelashes grow back?

Eyelashes are an important safety system for the eyes. They keep dust from falling into the eye. They also alert the eye that something is moving toward it before it actually gets there, allowing the eye time to close. This makes it important to reta... More »

Do eyelashes grow back if you cut them?

Video Transcript. Will your eyelashes grow back? This is CG with Lips and More. Will eyelashes grow back if you pull them out, lose them or whatever reason? Well I would have to say yeah, they probably will. There's a normal growth cycle for eyelashe... More »

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

LOL. This morning I just found and eyelash on my cheek and thought "better make a wish!" LOL. Well the answer to your question is eyelashes can re-grow but it is a long process because these are the slowest growing hair follicles. Once they have re-g... More »

How to dye eyelashes and eyebrows?

1. Wash your face and eyelids so they are completely clean and free of makeup. 2. Apply petroleum jelly around eyebrows lightly but be sure not to get any directly on eyebrow hairs. 3. Mix the tint according to your eyebrow color and how dark you wou... More »


  1. Arabella Reply:

    I know that eye lashes are to keep dirt and debris out of our eyes, but what is the purpose of our eye brows?

  2. Miranda Reply:

    Please explain your answer. This is a research. Please answer properly. Thank you.

  3. Njohnsona30 Reply:

    I’m giving a short talk on the subject and need something current.

  4. Serialized Reply:

    I don’t understand … and would like to know.

  5. Esmeralda Reply:

    Hair in those places doesn’t seem to have any purpose. I understand though why we still have eyebrows, eyelashes, hairs in the nose and so on.

  6. Roxy Reply:

    Anything from the digestive system, bones, muscles… anything to do with the body.

    Someone once told me that “potato’s contain starch which is saturated fat”.

    But starch is a type of sugar isn’t it? Please extend.

  7. Jax13 Reply:

    I may not understand art, but it’s the painting of a young women who isn’t smiling, is it because it shows a different side of beauty? I read that it is said to be one of the most famous paintings, but I don’t see why. Is there more behind the Mona Lisa?

  8. Grace Reply:

    They’re so unnecessary. Why did we evolve to have hair in such retarded areas?

  9. Creative 22 Reply:

    Some people are born with no hair on thier face or not on their bodies ,what are these people called, or what is this case called ?

  10. Tony Reply:

    And why/how do replacement whiskers grow to a point even though they break off flush?

    Asked by my 10 year old neighbour. Keep it clean please.
    susan has obviously never seen my eyebrows. ROTFL – LOL.

  11. Lisa R Reply:

    We just have so much detail on our bodies… so what are the eyebrows and eyelashes for?

  12. Kellyanna Reply:

    of middle brown. Sometimes it looks a bit heavy. Is this only for tv or do a lot of women routinely put on eye make up?
    What does it look like natural? I have seen photos of models with a caption “no make up” when it seems to be untrue.

  13. Chestnutthoroughbred Reply:

    I’m trying to buy something for mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I’ve already gotten her a human-hair wig… I want to shower her with things she’ll appreciate. What’s something that would benefit her? Besides love and care, of course.

  14. Fatoum Reply:

    1. Hair & Face
    2. Eyes / eyebrow / eyelashes.
    3. Head / Forehead
    4. Nose
    5. Ears
    6. Cheeks
    7. Chin
    8. Neck
    9. Chest
    10. Stomach
    13. Knees
    14. Buttocks
    15. Feet

  15. Rika Reply:

    A. Sexual selection has acted in the same way for all groups.
    B. Members of different populations mate with each other.
    C. Natural selection has acted in the same way for all groups of humans.
    D. Populations mate assortatively.

  16. Elisa Reply:

    linking pigeons directly to infections in humans and they’re definatly “cleaner” than most humans!!
    and…”some” birds.

  17. Loran Reply:

    I was just thinking lately…How many pieces of hair are on the human head? (Not counting the eyebrows, or eyelashes, or nose hair, or any facial hair. Just on the scalp.)If anyone knows, that would be great! Thanks again! :) -Noelle

  18. I Luv Horses Reply:

    I want my eyelashes to be a bit longer and brows to be a bit thicker how can I get them this way.?

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