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Why Hair Loss Chemotherapy

You may have such questions as How Does Chemotherapy Work and Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Chemotherapy Causes Hair Loss. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Side Effects of Chemotherapy,too. Read more as following:

Cancer cells divide at a high mitotic rate much more than most of the cells in our body. Chemotherapy drugs work by targeting these rapidly dividing cells. Some cells in our bodies rapidly divinde like the hair follicle cells . This causes one to lose hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

How does Chemotherapy Work?

Chemotherapy works by stopping the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells grow and divide very quickly and can harm healthy cell. Chemotherapy does have side effects.... More »

Why does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy is used by cancer patients to treat cancer. This process destroys fast growing cells, and hair follicles are a fast growing cell, so often time, it will cause your hair to fall out. Don't worry, the hair will grow back after the treatmen... More »

How chemotherapy causes hair loss?

Chemotherapy does not focus simply on cancer cells alone. Instead, it focuses on cells that grow rapidly in the body. These are the cells that chemotherapy destroys given enough time and potency. Unfortunately, hair follicles fall under the category... More »

What are the treatments for chemotherapy hair loss?

Hair loss typically will be noticed within 14 days of starting chemotherapy. Specific chemotherapy treatments will determine the amount of hair that will fall out as well as how quickly that will occur. Hair loss will continue throughout chemotherapy... More »

How to deal with chemotherapy hair loss?

1. Visit your hairstylist. She may suggest a shorter haircut, as shorter hair has more body (although if you want a wig made from your natural hair, keep it long. See Step 2). If you get a haircut, save a lock of hair for a color reference. 2. Buy a... More »

Who discovered chemotherapy?

The U. S. Department of Defense recruited pharmacologists Louis S. Goodman and Alfred Gilman to investigate mustard gas to treat cancer. The results of their research studies were successful. Sidney Faber, a Harvard pathologist, did further studies a... More »


  1. Imanibee Reply:

    Please recommend a hair loss product that has good consumer reputation.

  2. Rain Reply:

    I thought it was because of the wax hair product i was using so i stopped but after a couple of months i notice that i’m still losing hair. I’m only 20 years old and no one in my family has hair loss problem.

  3. Kyla Reply:

    My research topic is:
    Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?
    No, I don’t need specific info on THAT topic.
    After the research paper is written we will have to create an experiment based on that criteria.
    Could anyone give me any ideas based on that topic of what to do for an experiment?

  4. Hassan Reply:

    I love places such as and but they only allow you to order online. Are there any stores in Toronto for women with hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, and other medical reasons, where someone could actually try these things on before buying them?

  5. Jasper Reply:

    Will something cold compressed against the scalp prevent hair loss?

  6. Alvi Galindo Reply:

    I watched a documentary about a lady called that died from Cancer but she still had hair because she didn’t want any treatment but Jade had chemotherapy and now her hair is all gone..
    So is it the cancer or the chemo that causes the hair loss?

    Thanks :)

  7. Gertrude Reply:

    I have heard that there is some lotion that can be rubbed on to the hair during chemo to stop hair loss. Apparently it costs thousands of pounds. Does anyone have any idea what it is and where I can purchase it? Many thanks.

  8. Mahala Reply:

    My mummy is suffering from breast cancer and due to chemotherapy she is facing hair loss so how to naturally protect hair loss

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