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How does Sleep Affect the Human Body

You may have such questions as How Does Tobacco Affect The Human Body and How Does Exercise Affect The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Drugs Affect The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Sleep affects the human body by allowing you to rest, and providing your brain with the rest that it needs. Your body really needs rest, and it is recommended to get 8 hours of sleep a night.

How does Tobacco Affect the Human Body?

Tobacco causes stains on your teeth and will also give you bad breath. The nicotine affects your brain, and can cause headaches. Smoking increases heart rate and your blood pressure. It also damages your lungs and reduces blood flow to the muscles. F... More »

How does Exercise Affect the Human Body?

Exercise is so beneficial. It can stimulate muscle growth and endurance, an it conditions the heart (also a muscle, so think endurance). It enhances balance. Whether vigorous or gentle exercise, it optimizes hormone levels and enables the body to mor... More »

How does Drugs Affect the Human Body?

It depends on the type of drug that it is. If it is what is referred to as an "upper" or something that speeds up the body, long term use could cause heart damage. Keep in mind that your liver is a filter, so any drug that you take, legal or not, can... More »

How does Diabetes Affect the Human Body?

Diabetes affects the human body by changing the way that it processes insulin, making the levels irregular. People that deal with this must regulate their insulin with pills, diet, or injections.... More »

How does Nicotine Affect the Human Body?

Nicotine affects the body by diffusing through the skin, lungs and mucous membranes and travels to the blood vessels to the rest of your body. It causes an increase in blood pressure, heart beat and can cause shallow breathing.... More »

How does Alcohol Affect the Human Body?

Alcohol affects the human body in many ways. The human body is an organ unique in itself. Depending your height, weight, age and other medical conditions drinking alcohol is bad in large amounts. Be vary careful before consuming to much. One more not... More »


  1. The Guardian Of Forever Reply:

    I was smoking a popper(weed and tobacco) out of a bong and right as I exhaled my whole body started shaking inside. It lasted for about 2 minutes. If anyone knows what it could have been please answer!

  2. Pudsicle Reply:

    I am a Chinese male who went through puberty at age 12.I am now 18 years old. How many calories should I eat a day? What should I eat?

    I am getting 50s (a failing mark) in school with my current sleep session of 7 hours and I consume around 2000 calories a day.

  3. Kittycat Reply:

    From every side possible,,, for example,

    Does it really –
    .. reduce Intelligence ?
    .. decrease Height ?
    .. etc

    Also, if the person lost his obesity, would his body get back to normal 100 % ?

  4. Fern Reply:

    Recently, “Enviro Chips” have emerged which claim to counteract the effect of the earth’s magnetic field on humans. Placing the chips in industries at “right” locations, prove to improve the productivity of both man and machine by counteracting the earth’s magnetic field.

  5. Hannah? Reply:

    I want to quit smoking and I’ve heard the patch can cause dreams that interrupt your sleep. I’ve also heard it works really well, is there a way to combat there dreams?

  6. Scooter Reply:

    When we finally colonize the moon, or another planet, how will this affect our interpersonal relationships? Especially our significant others? How will gravity, a different chemical environment, and being a different distance from the sun affect us psychologically? Will women still complain?

  7. Penguinsplus Reply:

    If I get at least nine hours of sleep I wake up sleepy and feel sleepy throughout the day as if I only got 5 hours of sleep. I am 34 years old and have a low thyroid also so that might be part of it.

  8. Craftmob Reply:

    Say 3 hours a night.For an extended period of time. Would there be any repucussions and or side effects. What problems might develope because of this lack of sleep?

  9. Joshua Reply:

    The human body dies after how many days of starvation. With only a little liquids daily? Is it painful?

  10. Jennyhoran Reply:

    While watching some sort of television show about the human body, I heard something that really shocked me. Compared to the entire brain only a small part of it is actually is used. I was wondering if any one knew the exact number?

  11. Gerald P Reply:

    Human Body Systems project :/
    Also, what causes poor balance and vision in people with this disease ?

  12. Jack Nicholson Reply:

    I have no intention of smoking weed but I want to become more well informed about any affects it has to the human body. If anyone knows anything from either personal experience or scientific research, can you please tell me about it? Thanks.

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