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How does Suboxone Make You Feel

You may have such questions as Does Suboxone Make You High and What Does Taking Suboxone Feel Like,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Should You Excpect To Feel Taking Suboxone. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Suboxone Gets You High,too. Read more as following:

I’ve learned that how Suboxone will make you feel depends on why you are taking it. If you are taking it for opiate dependence, it will not do much to you except help you avoid withdrawals. It might make you a little bit sleepy. If you are taking it for pain, it should take your pain away. It might make you nauseous.

Does suboxone make you high?

I can say without reservation that Suboxone saved my life. I was well on my way to a heroin overdose; my family had even made funeral plans for me because they expected to find me OD'd at any time. When you are in withdrawl, Suboxone makes you feel g... More »

What does taking suboxone feel like?

what does suboxone make you feel like. does it give you energyu.... More »

How should you excpect to feel taking suboxone?

It help you quit vicodines but it kinda feels like the after affect coming off of hydrocodone you can feel sleep all day but you'll feel back to normal if you wanna quit you should take it that was my only solution best wishes for everyone that wants... More »

How does suboxone make you feel?

you feel good "high" for about 10 days, then it fades for 5 days, after one month, you dont feel anything at all, which is why its so good for getting off long term opioid addiction. you dont feel it at all, and you stop the cravings!((unlike methado... More »

How long does it takes to feel a suboxone?

Depending on how much you take. A whole sub and you will within 20 mintues. But a 1/4 will take up to an hour to feel.... More »

How long after taking a suboxone will you feel high?

If you mean how long after taking suboxone can you get high from other drugs like lortab and whatever else then I would wait 3 days. Chances are if you're taking suboxone its because you withdrawal so it will probably be hard to go 3 days with nothin... More »


  1. Guppymelons Reply:

    taken suboxone, then how long do you gotta wait to take an opiate(painpills) for the opiates to effect you

  2. Kyrsten Reply:

    I have been on Suboxone for about 3 weeks. 8mg a day. The past week I have only been taking 4mg daily. I didn’t take any today and took some percs and hydro and felt nothing. Any idea how long it will take to feel any opiate effects? Thanks.

  3. Xtoastx Reply:

    Been on Vikadin for years, detoxed went on suboxone for a week now want to know how long is the withdrawling and coming down off of suboxone?

  4. Funnymonkey123 Reply:

    I live in southeastern Connecticut and I’m looking to find a doctor to prescribe me Suboxone in order to wean myself off of heroin. Does anyone know how I can find one? This is very urgent. Thanks.

  5. Ratatattatfor Reply:

    A friend of mine wants to get treatment for addiction, he is thinking of Suboxone. What all does this entale?

  6. Arc Reply:

    I started off at 24mg and am down to 4mg. I feel ok most of the time, but sometimes at night I wake up with restless legs and arms and have a hard time going back to sleep. I want to get totally off of this. Is there a different medication I can temporarily take to help ween myself?

  7. Curious24 Reply:

    I was on Suboxone for 10 days and I was on 2mg per day for last 2 days of the program so how long should I wait to take Codeine??
    If I had 2mg today morning ,can I have Codeine for tomorrow afternoon?

  8. Esther Reply:

    I’m taking suboxone to get off painkillers but I have to take a drug test for work. I just want to know if the suboxone I’m taking will show up as anything. I’m prescribed to painkillers but not the suboxone. I got them off a friend.

  9. Holly Reply:

    My friend took some of a suboxone pill and is now feeling sick. What things can I get or do for her to help?

  10. Vladimir Anatolyevich Reply:

    Somone was givin an 8mg suboxone last night and they took it, they don’t take it regularly just that one time. Now they have a 30mg oxycodone and wants to take it. How long do they need to wait to take it?

  11. L Reply:

    O,K I have been on Suboxon for about 2yrs now, I was wondering if anyone knew how long do I need to stop taking them to be able to feel the effects of them again.I know short term would be about 3 days but 2 years of being on them im sure must me different.

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