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How does the Human Body Sweat

You may have such questions as Why Sweating On Human Body and Why Do Humans Sweat,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Does The Human Body Sweat Salt. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

It is my understanding that humans sweat via the sweat gland ducts that all humans have throughout their body. These ducts allow the body to release toxins that would otherwise hurt the body. The sweat ducts also enable the body to cool itself as needed.

Why sweating on human body?

The main reason we sweat is to keep your body cool. As the water evaporates from the skin, it takes some of the heat energy from your body with it to convert itself from liquid to gaseous state.... More »

Why do Humans Sweat?

Humans sweat mainly because they are over-heated. That is the way the body cools down. If you do not like to sweat, then just don't move at all, ever. And even that is not a guarantee.... More »

Why does the human body sweat salt?

Actually, sweat is hypotonic to (tonicity is equivalent to concentration ; hypotonic ~ "below the normal concentration of") plasma (the liquid components of blood). Sweating increases the osmolarity (another measure of concentration) of your plasma.... More »

How does sweat cool the human body?

this is simple as it see. look when a body sweat there is moisture on surface of skin and when this moisture evaporate then ther eis transfer of heat from high temperature to low temperature. that's why we feel cool after sweating . It needs heat to... More »

How many sweat glands are there in the human body?

The body has 2-3 million sweet glands.... More »

What part of the human body sweats the most?

Your arm pits is what sweats the most because it has the most sweat glands in the body.... More »


  1. David Clarke Reply:

    The human body can maintain its customary temperature of 37 ºC on a day when the temperature is above 40 ºC. How is this done?

    *****More detailed than sweat*********

  2. Pirate_gurl727 Reply:

    How many orifices (holes) are there in the human body? Please name them all, specifically for males and females?


  3. Waist Deep In Horses Reply:

    Is there a holistic reason or physiological reason that human body skin would exude a very, very, very salty waste in the sweat glands?
    Thanks for any helpful answers.

  4. Dtourond Reply:

    how does the human body cool it self down in high temperatures?

    so say it was like 105 degrees out. and you were just on your couch sitting down? how will your body cool you down?
    and what things can you do to stay at a good body temp if you dont have an air condioner?

  5. Jenny Flower Reply:

    I heard that drinking 4 litres of water per day is good for health and i won’t get any kind of health problem in my body. Is it TRUE? If yes, please let me know, how much intake of water is require for a human body in a day? Please advice.

  6. Alex Reply:

    I really want and need to know what function(s) do cells have in the human body! Thanks so much!

  7. Chelsi Reply:

    I read an article that said when you are sitting with both feet placed flat on the floor, it causes ionization and induces sleep. How is that possible or ionization of what element in the human body causes it?

  8. Lovelydovely Reply:

    Since the Law of Conservation of Mass is true, what does it mean about the atoms that make up the human body?

  9. Carolyn Reply:

    How does the human body know that it’s temperature has fallen?

  10. Cameron Willoughby Reply:

    I was wondering if you can measure chemical trace elements in the bodies sweat?
    Are there any feasibility studies on capturing human body chemistry content from sweat?
    What is the best way to scan body fluid into data for analysis?

  11. Clara Reply:

    why does the human body sweat and what makes it sweat?

  12. Aaya Reply:

    Which makes human body more heat.
    Any tips to keep the human body temperature optimum.

  13. Asperger Reply:

    How much energy (in J) is removed from the human body by the evaporation of 11.3 g of water (= sweat)? HINT: The latent heat of vaporization is 540 kcal/kg for water. Please use only the heat of vaporization, and not the energy required to raise the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius.

  14. Ericca Kirao Reply:

    Why does the human body produces large amounts of sweat during the sleep more than the quantities that are counted during the day

  15. Poppy Seed Reply:

    How do you permanently stop the human body from sweating?

  16. Steadfastanchor Reply:

    I am very curious if the room temparature is normal in 25- 30 deg C, there is no sweat and if i still use fan, what happens to the human body.

  17. Xtoastx Reply:

    How else does the human body cool itself down besides sweating i’ve looked everywhere and i can’t think of any answers!!

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