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How Long can the Human Body Last Without Food

You may have such questions as How Long Can A Human Live Without Food and How Long Can Humans Go Without Food,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Long Can The Body Go Without Food. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

The human body could last up to two weeks or possibly more without food. Since the body will feed off the fat and muscle of the body, a person who contains more can last longer.

How long can a human live without food?

1-3 weeks. If a person is healthy, has water, and there are no other factors to consider like weather, dangerous animals, etc., then he/she can live as long as a month, medically speaking. An individual trained in survival will generally survive long... More »

How Long can Humans Go Without Food?

A human can go a couple of weeks without food, before it causes any harm. Its very dangerous to not eat if your healthy, but someone who is ill may not be able to eat. The body will start to take the nutrients it needs from the body, that it has alre... More »

How Long can the Body Go Without Food?

The human body can go up to seven days without food. Our bodies store food manually so that if need be they will have it. However, don't expect to be feeling good by the seventh day.... More »

How long can the human body survive without food or water?

The human body cannot survive without food and water for long periods of time. In fact, according to, the longest a person can go without water is 10 days-without food, it's four to six weeks. However, due to certain other variable... More »


  1. Myles Reply:

    How long can I go without eating, and how much weight will I lose.
    I think I have gone about 32 hours without eating and I am going to try to aim for 72 hours or more.

  2. Snowbunny Reply:

    What would happen if a chubby guy is stuck on an island with no food, and just fresh water? Would he lose all his fat and muscle then die? how long would it take before he died?

  3. Miguel B Reply:

    I’m doing an essay showing a dodgy barbeque and how the bacteria enters the human body by food poisoning and how it’s defeated. So if you know the answer then please help!!!!

  4. Snowbunny Reply:

    I’m on my 8th day of no food and drink. i’m not feeling too bad. I’m not loose but to die.

  5. Hannah? Reply:
  6. Brittany K Reply:

    What are the stages the body goes through over time? Like first week, second week, and so on until they die? Same thing with water. What happens with the first day, second day, etc?

  7. Sweetness Reply:

    How long can we go without water before becoming dangerously ill?

    And how long can we go without water before we die?

    Approximate answers are fine.

  8. Angelic Reply:

    I just want to know because i am doing a project on the human body
    I mean without dying…
    Also, how long before they faint?

  9. Nabraska Reply:

    1. How long can a human last in a sealed dungeon with no windows or anything?

    2. What would happen to him after being deprived of food, water, light, and fresh air?

    3. How would the human body react under these conditions?

    Thanks a million,
    – Jonathan L.

  10. Pavan Reply:

    And just water?

    (I’m not asking this in an eating disorder kind of way btw :DD) I’m honestly just curious :p

  11. Denisha Reply:

    Could someone explain this to me? How does this work?
    To clarify, The situation I mean is no food, but plentiful water.
    I’ve heard you can go 2 to 3 weeks with no food if you still drink water.

  12. Horseluver92 Reply:

    I understand that you don’t last long without water, but how long for food?

  13. Confused Reply:

    I was wondering how long can a human last without eatting any food (solids) and live on fluids? And what can happen to your body if it only recieves fluids and no food?
    wow thats amazing……..i was just curious….

  14. 12883isme Reply:

    I know that we can only last about a week without water, but how long can a human go before starving to death?
    i dont think it’s 3 days, what about starving people in third world countries?

  15. Joe L Reply:

    Just like how long a human body can last without food or water…but sleep lol
    Thanks for answering! :)

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