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How Long does Mdma Stay in the Body

You may have such questions as How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your Bloodstream and How Long Does Mdma Stay In Your Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does MDMA Look like. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your Blood,too. Read more as following:

MDMA stays in the body approximately 24 hours in the blood, three to five days in urine and up to ninety days in hair follicles. Less than 1% of MDMA remains in your urine after 48 hours. MDMA is also known as Ecstasy.

How Long does Mdma Stay in Your Body?

MDMA is an illegal drug also known as Ecstasy. When a person takes MDMA it usually stays in there system for about 48 hours. This time frame can be longer and sometimes even shorter. Depending on how much ecstasy you took, your body weight and how mu... More »

What does MDMA look like?

MDMA generally is sold as a tablet, which is taken orally. MDMA tablets are available in various colors and shapes and generally are imprinted with a logo. Popular logos include smiley faces, clover leaves, cartoon characters, and symbols associated... More »

How do You Make Your Own Mdma?

You would have to have access to chemicals you can't purchase without a license to do so to be able to make your own mdma. The supplies are not available to the public.... More »

How Long does Mdma Stay in Your System?

MDMA also known as ecstasy is an illegal drug that usually stays in your system for the first 72 hours. If you are trying to take and pass a drug test it has not been found 48 hours after taking it.... More »

How long does the recreational drug mdma stay in your body system?

It is detectable in urine for up to 72 hours, but I am not sure if it stays anywhere else in your body for longer... More »


  1. Deja Reply:
  2. Ryuuhatake Reply:

    I been having panic attacks, sore muscle, and I can’t control my thoughts.

  3. Rick Reply:

    I know it sounds like a silly question but i was just wondering if i can substitute my urine with my dogs urine to pass those home drug test you can buy at CVS. Like the First Check Drug Test. Its for Marijuana by the way.

  4. I Am Onizuka! Reply:

    How can you flush ecstasy out of your urine quickly.

  5. Kt Reply:

    Need a good job and dont want to spend money and fail. Please help the economy is tough without a good job. Thank you.

  6. Ranger’s Fan 13 Reply:

    i have taken ecstasy for 3 consecutive days, what is the best way to pass a future drug screen/ how long will it take to metabolize from my system? pleeeaaase no stupid answers, i need some serious insight.

  7. Kris Reply:

    i actually didn’t take that much..i only took half n im pretty short so the effect took on pretty fast but i mite take a drug test in 2 days..what can i do to flush it from my system so that it isn’t detected?..n how long does it stay in your system?

  8. Rarisa Reply:

    my grandson took 2 estacy pills how long will it stay in his system before passing this drug screen. Is there anything to remove estacy from your system.

  9. Ale Reply:

    its great doesnt stay in ur system more then 24hrs so doesnt show up on drug tests but there must be a down side. please somebody explain honestly. no drug scare stuff they use in school

  10. Tobias Reply:

    Say, half a pill for a person who weighs 140 pounds.

  11. Lyllien Reply:

    I’m not talking about feeling effects, but about taking a roadside drug test or a medical examination and getting a zero presence of illicit substance. Is there anyway to “come down” faster than just riding it out?

    They do a saliva roadside test where I’m from.

  12. Rachel Willis Reply:

    How long does weed, ecstasy, and cocaine stay detectable in an australian army recruitment drug test?

    Does the australian army just test by means of a urine test? or are other methods used such as hair and blood tests?

  13. Bunny W Reply:

    In terms of going for a drug test.
    I was wondering how long drugs like MDMA, ketamine and the likes are detectable in your system.

  14. Nevin Mansoor Reply:

    how long does it take for MDMA to stay in your body?

  15. Haha Reply:

    I heard less than 1% stays in your system after 48 hrs.. But is there anything else that will make someone fail a test after using it alot for a month 4 months ago?

  16. Alanna Reply:

    How long does mdma, pcp, heroin, cocaine, and anything commonly found in Extacy stay in your system? IE If someone were to come in contact with the drug how long will it stay traceable in your urine?

  17. James Baker Reply:

    How long will MDMA/ LSD stay in your hair for or just in your body? This is just a curious question. I don’t use drugs I just wanted to know for my knowledge.

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