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Is Exstacy Addictive

You may have such questions as Is Ecstasy Addictive and How Long Does Ecstasy Stay in Your System,or you may also seek several helpful information about Is Marijuana Addictive. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Ingredient Exstacy,too. Read more as following:

It is said that ecstasy is not additive as a drug. However your body can become dependent on it with use and crave more. People have died from taking ecstasy so it really is not good to start using. If you are currently taking ecstasy you should look into contacting the Helpline at 1 866-6754912,

Is ecstasy Addictive?

Ecstasy can be addictive, but physical dependence is rare. People can quickly become tolerant to the effects of ecstasy with regular use. It is not uncommon for the drug to take on an exaggerated importance in a person's life.... More »

How Long does Ecstasy Stay in Your System?

Ecstasy stays in your body for 2-5 days and is known to have a moderate dependency factor. For more information visit ... More »

Is marijuana addictive?

Answer: In order to answer this question, we first need a definition of the word, "Addicted". Not too long ago, an addictive subtance was something that, when taken long enough, produced gross phsyiogical changes in the way the body worked, so that n... More »

Is marijuana an addictive substance?

Ten to 14 percent of marijuana users become dependent on this substance.There are an estimated 120,000 people who seek treatment for addiction to marijuana every year, and the numbers seem to be growing. The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC... More »


  1. Princesssmokey Reply:
  2. Ava Reply:

    hey could someone put drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, sniffing powder cocaine, weed, caffeine, alcohol, meth and exstacy on a scale of 1 to a 100. with regard to addictivness. thanks

  3. Bailey Long Reply:

    Cocaine, or Exstacy?

  4. Samantha Taylor Schwartz Reply:

    also it must cost him a fortune do you think he sells it to buy more and do you think he makes a lot of money? i want this idiot to get busted so bad!
    he says he doesnt sell it how can this be if he doesnt have a job?

  5. Patty Reply:

    Do people usually get hooked more easily to cigarettes or ecstasy?
    I would like to try ecstasy just once. (I’ve tried pot over a year ago and never touched it yeah. I just want to EXPERIENCE IT once.)

  6. Snowball Reply:

    in piss testing. Like one I came across was called exstacy herbal cigarettes. Anyone used em what are they like

  7. Rachel Reply:
  8. Reverse Reply:

    I really need this so i can pass this year.. plus i have had problems with drugs in the past, please send me two lists please!! i also ned the physical and emotional addictions of each drug.

  9. Thugnificient555 Reply:
  10. Reberocks Reply:

    I’m a really shy person, well if u get to kno me I’m cool, but I won’t talk much at first… Why I don’t know. I don’t care it’s a drug I need to feel comfortable talking to people. Idk I think it’s with it.

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