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Is Marijuana a Stimulant Or Depressant Drug

You may have such questions as Why Is Marijuana A Depressant Drug and What Kind of Drug Is Marijuana,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Marijuana Classified as. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Example of a Depressant Drug,too. Read more as following:

i know from health class that marijuana is a depressant drug. This means is slows you down instead of speeds you up. It causes slow reaction times and brain activity.

Why is marijuana a depressant drug?

Its not a depressant. its an all around. this means that it has characteristics of both stimulants & depressants .... More »

What Kind of Drug is Marijuana?

Marijuana, because of what it contains, is a mixture of a hallucinogen, stimulant and depressant. Different people are affected in different ways and there are many different strains of marijuana. ... More »

What is Marijuana Classified as?

Marijuana is classified as an excellent way to get yourself locked up! Seriously, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 substance. It is deemed at a high rate of potential abuse. It has not been accepted by law for medical uses. There is not enough... More »

What Type of Drug is Marijuana?

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. It is an intoxicant, stimulant, psychedelic, and a depressant. It is a drug that I have never been a fan of because it does not make me feel good, I don't know what all the fuss is about.... More »

Is weed a stimulant?

Weed can be anything from a stimulant to a depressant to a hallucinogen. It varies by each person...... More »

Is alcohol a stimulant?

No, Alcohol is actually a depressant... More »


  1. Snowflake Reply:

    On Average, how much illegal drugs (either by weight or monetary value) are smuggled into the US every year?

    Please say how you know it is that much, and if you read it in a website, please provide the link.

  2. Sobeautifulbabyy Reply:

    Don’t say “immediately you smoke it.”

    There are artists, philosophers, psychologists, etc who smoke it, but how often does one smoke it before you start feeling stupid, rather than intelligent?

    BTW – not a personal question.

  3. Jo Reply:

    Marijuana does not seem to appear in the bible, nor is it a form of drunkenness (alcohol is a depressant) or gluttony. If a stimulant is sinning, why do most Christians drink coffee and caffeinated beverages? Pot should also be OK?

  4. Cyril Jed Reply:

    this is a TOK question. Please help!

    An example of a related knowledge issue would be:
    To what extent can we classify marijuana as a drug, and how can this be justified?

  5. Madison Reply:

    I find Hash and Weed great sexual aphrodisiacs however I wonder if you have a drink after a joint if it makes the sex even better. I am an occasional user so don’t tell me about staying away from drugs,I never over do it.

  6. Zoe James Reply:

    My friend works in a methadone clinic, and hands down most people in there started off drinking and smoking before using other drugs. How is marijuana a gateway drug if Alcohol and Tobacco come way before it?

  7. Stephanie Hershey-buckley Reply:

    So what will happen if someone takes Ecstasy and smokes marijuana after? will the internal damage double?

  8. Nagaraju Reply:

    ie stimulants, depressants and 3 more? and what drugs are in these catergories?

  9. Christine Gray Reply:

    As most people know, drugs like alcohol and marijuana can exacerbate or even cause depression. How long does it take for those effects to wear off?

  10. Augasm Reply:

    My medical marijuana prescription has been expired for over a year now and i was wondering if i would be able to purchase a hand gun in California i have no intention to re-new my prescription or smoke marijuana any more.

  11. Moengaroa Reply:

    I have a close relatives, and everyone is accusing him of using drugs. He, himself, did not say anything. I want to know what signs could be spotted when a person is on drug.

    Thank you.

  12. Shannon Callah Reply:

    For health we were given a drug to study with questions to answer

    This is one of the questions and the one i need help with lol:
    “Is the drug a stimulant, depressant or hallucinogen? Explain why?”

    I know Marijuana is both a depressant and hallucinogen.

    Need answers please thanks =)

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