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Is Picking Your Nose Bad for You

You may have such questions as How to Pierce Your Nose and Instructions on How to Pierce Your Own Nose,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Does Your Nose Stop Growing. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Blowing Your Nose Too Hard,too. Read more as following:

Picking your nose isn’t necessarily bad for you, although if you do pick your nose, you could be introducing bacteria into your sinus cavities, which could make you sick.

How to Pierce Your Nose?

Go to a professional. A piercing studio is the best way to go, ear piercing places that use piercing guns should be avoided all together.... More »

If it is 18, i would love instructions on how to pierce your own nose or a site ...

im pretty sure everywhere its 18 to get any piercings, if it was any younger kids would just get it with out permission and there would be alot of complaints from parents! heres instructions on how to do it yourself although home piercings done by so... More »

When does Your Nose Stop Growing?

Your nose stops growing at the same time as the rest of your body. Usually this happens at the end of puberty. Keep in mind that some go through puberty later than others. The human body can continue to grow slowly up to the age of 21 or 22. So unles... More »

How to pierce your nose yourself?

My tip would be to fork out the dough and have it done professionally with a new sterilized needle,... More »

What age does your nose stop growing?

Your nose stops growing around 16 to 18 years of age after the maxillary sinuses...... More »

How to determine if your nose is broken?

1. Look at the shape of your nose. If your nose appears to be leaning off to one side or in a strange shape, there is a good chance it is broken. 2. Check for any indentations or bumps. If there are any bones in your nose sticking out or seem more su... More »


  1. Snowflake Reply:

    I ask this question because my little cousin always picks his nose. So I tell him to stop because I’m afraid it will make his nose wider. His dad and his mom both have smaller noses, plus he has a small face and a wide nose wouldn’t fit?

  2. Kailey Reply:

    How do I stop my bad habit of nose picking?

  3. Eric B Reply:

    I know that this is gross, so please don’t answer by saying things like, “Don’t pick your nose and you won’t have this problem.” I have a pimple on the inside of my nose and it hurts–bad. I would rather not wait until it goes away, so if I could pop it that would be so relieving. Any suggestions?

  4. Sanan Reply:

    After picking my nose one day, about 2 months ago, I caused a bad nosebleed. Then, I started having nosebleeds sporadically. The doctor finally cauterized it, but it still happens. Is that unusual?

  5. Zirp Reply:

    I’m almost 14 and Im disappointed in myself to say I still have the habit of picking my nose. How can I stop? Im getting to that point where I have a need to do it in public now and its freaking me out! Please help!

  6. Ii Reply:

    Is it scientifically logical that picking is bad for you as well as impolite and disgusting?
    I think it would because of the germs on your fingers are invaders and would make your body respond by making more mucous. What do you think?

  7. Gem Reply:

    This person is a girl, is 16 years old, has an IQ of 155, and picks her nose until it bleeds.
    It’s not my IQ, it’s my daughter’s. She does have that IQ, although she is somewhat socially awkward. Yes, it is rare, and yes, we know. Thanks for your input.

  8. Sahar Reply:

    I’m really embaressed that I’m 13 years old and am picking my nose I’ve tried to stop many times but i can’t, can anyone help me?

  9. Zoe Reply:

    My little sibling has a really bad habit of picking their nose, and they want to stop. How can They stop?

  10. Alan L Reply:

    Or they have a noticeable physical detriment (acne, crooked nose, bad teeth), what do you subconsciously think to yourself? Do you pick them apart mentally or do you not even pay any attention to their “flaw”?

  11. Facebook Addict Reply:

    My step-son is always picking his nose to the point he is constantly getting severe bloody noses. Is there any way to stop this bad habit?

  12. Marissa M Reply:

    I’ll admit, everyone has bad habits, from biting their nails, to picking their nose. But how can we stop these bad habits? Can we use self motivation? What is a good way to break a habit?

  13. Stephanie Hershey-buckley Reply:

    I tell her that it’s okay to eat a cow or a pig and it’s okay to shake hands with strangers and touch money. Why is it so bad to pick my nose in front of her. She gets really grossed out but I feel better after I pick that bugar out of my nose. Why would she want to stop me from being happy?

  14. J Y Reply:

    My hubby does it & now my almost 2year old daughter does it & teaches little kids at daycare! Of course its cute cuz they’re small & they put their tiny finger in their tiny nose. But is it bad hygene or just a bad habit?

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