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Where can I Donate Hospital Beds

You may have such questions as How To Donate Hospital Beds and How To Donate A Used Hospital Bed,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Hospital Bed. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Used Hospital Beds for Sale,too. Read more as following:

You can donate hospital beds to charitable organizations. These beds are usually brought to third world countries such as in Africa where equipments are scarce.

How to donate hospital beds?

1. Decide if you want the hospital bed to go to a local organization, a family or any organization that needs it. 2. Give the bed to a local organization. Call the local Red Cross. They might welcome a hospital bed, and if they can't take it, they ca... More »

How to donate a used hospital bed?

1. Call family and friends to find out if any of them can use the hospital bed. Make appropriate arrangements for pickup or drop-off. 2. Call organizations in your area that would have a use for hospital beds. Try homeless shelters, battered women's... More »

How can i donate to childrens hospital?

The hospitals themselves often have a lot of higher end people donating large sums of money as well of what they charge in fees for appointments, xrays, blood work etc... Your money might be better used by a specific charity or group for children, li... More »

Where can you donate a hospital bed in new york city?

I would like to donate a hospital bed and electric wheelchair. I would need for them to be picked up. Thanks.... More »

How to donate beds in oregon?

1. Inspect the beds that you want to donate to determine their condition. Usually beds cannot be donated in Oregon, or any other state, unless they are clean and usable. 2. Contact a charitable organization in your area of Oregon to confirm that bed... More »


  1. Iblondi Reply:

    I say yes, if teh LNP somehow get elected by Ltd News.
    Can’t wait to find out how expensive digging up and replacing all the rotten copper is.
    Thank you little J, you made my point.

  2. Carolyn Reply:

    i had donated blood at a camp sometime ago but now i am wondering that if we donate our blood thinking that it is for a good cause and people at the other end who need it are charged for the same. when we are donating blood as charity why should someone have to pay for it.

  3. Keairra Reply:

    I only ask because I am curious. (don’t plan on doing this myself!) Is it just a needle attached to a tube attached to a bag? Are there names for these supplies? I wonder.

  4. Waist Deep In Horses Reply:

    Identify those details of a person’s life should factor into receiving a donated organ, as well as which factors should not be included in the decision.

  5. Alis Grave Nil Reply:

    Okay so I am 14 haha 😛
    I have like 5 build a bears. When me and my friends go to the mall we love to make them.
    I dont really want them to be all over my bed or in one of those childish nets that go in the corner of your room.

  6. Evangeline Reply:

    I am doing a speech about blood donation and just need to get some peoples opinions thanks for your time. =)

    1.Have you every donated blood?
    2. Why or why not?
    If you answered yes to question one,
    3. Would you donate again?
    4. How did you feel after donating?

    Thanks again.

  7. Orville Reply:

    Do hospitals take excessive blood to donate it to blood bank without a person consent?

  8. Derek Reply:

    I have a wheel chair, bedside potty, one cane walker, and one two hand walker, and a hospital bed (needs repair), and a bath seat. I just don’t know what the best venue is to sell these things.

  9. Georgia Reply:

    I was in kenya lately and i visited a hospital where they had patients lying on the floor because of lack of enough hospital beds. I was thinking of donating some to the hospital, but i have no idea where to start. any ideas?

  10. Linda C Reply:

    My girl friends daughter is 11 yrs old and she needs heart surgery to repair her life side of her heart.The mother is on a fix income and doesn’t have the money to purchase a bed. The mother is looking for a charity or foundation to help donate or privide her a hospital bed for her daughter.

  11. Kebby Reply:

    We have a used hospital bed in our spare bed room and we’re in the process of making it a nursery for my unborn child. There’s currently a used hospital bed occupying the space. I want to sell it if I can, but I’m willing to donate it to someone who needs it.

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