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Where do I Give An IM Injection

You may have such questions as How To Give An Im Injection and How To Give A Newborn An Im Injection,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Give Intramuscular Injections. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Intramuscular Injection Procedure,too. Read more as following:

The place where you give an IM injection really depends on the type of medication and where you were instructed to give the injection. You could use the top of the thigh, the buttocks, or the hip area.

How to Give An IM Injection?

As per OSHA guidelines, two types of needles are used while giving an IM injection.One needle for drawing the medication, referred to as the "drawing needle" and another needle, known as the "administration needle", for administration of the solution... More »

How to give a newborn an im injection?

1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Proper hand washing is very important in order to eliminate microorganisms and prevent infection of the injection site. 2. Prepare all the things you need. You have to get the correct medicine vial ready, along with the... More »

How to Give Intramuscular Injections?

Intramuscular injections are used when the medicine being injected needs to go directly to the muscle. First you have to prepare the medicine and get a clean needle, then determine where you are giving the shot (upper thigh, butt, upper arm or hip) h... More »

How to Give Injections?

To give an injection, you must determine the site in which the injection is to be given. You will prep the site with alcohol. You will stabilize the site with your non-dominant hand while using your dominant hand to administer the shot. Care should b... More »

How To Give Lovenox Injection?

Stroke patients who suffer from paralysis are helped more by Lovenox than heparin, a new study suggests. Researchers gave 1,762 stroke patients who were unable to walk injections of either Lovenox or heparin. Lovenox was 43-percent more effective tha... More »

How to Give B12 Injections?

Some people are missing a special glycoprotein molecule that enables them to absorb vitamin b12, and so they must have this important vitamin injected. For more information look here: ... More »


  1. Kimp Reply:

    please help me…

    i need to know how much sterile water will i add to 1g of streptomycin…
    it’s an intramuscular injection for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis..

  2. Iloverats Reply:

    Went to the doctor found out I had very low testosterone, so Im getting injections of testerone 400 (not 40 my bad) every two weeks and wonder when will i see any change?

  3. Snowbunny Reply:

    im on the injection and i was just wondering… if i get pregnant while on the injection how would i work it out as i have no period??

  4. Mica Reply:

    Im going to inject myself on the buttocks once a week wanted to know if any of you had any tips or advice ? Also how long will the needle need to be also the gauge?

  5. Fatoum Reply:

    The doc has given me 12 IM injections for antibiotic and pain for 3 days.. can I take thru IV?

  6. Jamie Lee Reply:

    I noticed that most nurses do not aspirate the needle when they give intramuscular injection to kids. In nursing school, I was taught to aspirate the needle to make sure you don’t hit any nerves.

  7. Bill Gates Reply:

    im a medical assisting student and there was a debat in class about if you can give IM injections to areas where tattoos are present.

  8. Doug Reply:

    This is a painless method of IM injection. Have anybody done a reseach on it ?

  9. Molly Reply:

    I went for a dr appoint and was given an IM injection in my butt. The lady said I bleed quite a bit so i started to wonder if she were to have given me an injection and it went into my blood vessel what would happen? Also is it normal to bleed a lot with this injection?

  10. Sierra S Reply:

    what would happen if we give children or infants an IM injection at the same site of adults?

    what are the best sites for IM inj for this age group?

    prof. help please

  11. Nandini Reply:

    What happens when an IM injection is injected but it is instead inserted into SC? Does it still work on your body or have any adverse effects?

  12. Hari Reply:

    I want to learn how to give IM injections, Is there any trainings given for this in any part of Bangalore, If so please let me know to

  13. Irish’beuor; Reply:

    Which of the following has the least influence on the choice of a site when choosing a site for an IM injection?

    A.Adipose tissue covering the muscle
    B.Presence of a large nerve in the area
    C.Presence of large blood vessels in the area
    D.Proximity to a bone

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