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Why does Rx Mean Prescription

You may have such questions as Why Does Rx Stand For Prescription and Why Are Prescriptions Drugs Called Rx,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is There A Symbol Rx In Prescriptions Given By A Doctor. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Prescription Drugs without Prescription,too. Read more as following:

The Rx in a prescription is shorthand for the Latin word “recipere” which means to take. It dates back to the early apothecaries and basically means to take as mixed and prescribed by the apothecary or physician.

Why does RX stand for prescriptions

Rx stands for Latin word 'recipe', which meant 'take', given by the... ...MORE...... More »

Why are prescriptions drugs called rx?

Rx is short hand for the latin imperative recipere, meaning "take". It was a directive to the pharmacist to "take" a set of ingredients to make up the drug by hand. It now stands for prescription medications and prescriptions usually start with this... More »

Why is there a symbol 'Rx' in prescriptions given by a doctor?

Quoted from Wikipedia (... More »

Why is a prescription called rx?

Abbreviation for the Latin word recipe or "take". It is an instruction to the pharmac...... More »

How is prescription Rx?

Prescription: A physician's order for the preparation and administration of a drug or device f...... More »

What is the meaning of Rx in prescriptions?

There are a few theories regarding the meaning of the Rx symbol on prescription drugs. The most commonly held theory is that Rx is an abbreviation for the latin word "recipe," which means "to take." It is also believed that the abbreviation comes fro... More »


  1. Sophio Reply:

    I have two days of withdrawal to get through. Would taking a lustral or zoloft help until I can get my prescription filled?

  2. Kristin Reply:

    I sit about 26 inches away from my computer. I really don’t want progressive lenses. Would i need lenses SPH -0.75, ADD +0.75?

    My prescription is for both eyes:
    Sphere -0.75
    Cylinder none
    Axis none
    ADD +1.25

    I appreciate any answers, thanks in advance.

  3. Tay Reply:

    Why do Doctors and other medical professionals use Rx term for medicines?What does it mean?When did they start using it?

  4. Canecoruso Reply:

    I got a new pair of Glasses today with the same prescription as the pair im currently wearing. I put them on, and things are not as clear as my regular pair of glasses… Is this normal when u switch between glasses? Or did they maybe mess up my prescription.. ?

  5. Beemd Reply:

    What do all the pregnancy and ttc abbreviations mean?

  6. Athalia Reply:

    By extended wear, I’m looking for contacts that will last. And since I’d like to go without a prescription, how do I know I’m getting the right size?
    (does it actually make sense to go to the eye doctor for an eye check and ask about it there?)

  7. Nacho Reply:

    I am gonna finish my Rx but just wanting to know if this means anything.
    I was having mild side effects initially. Now its like they don’t even happen.

  8. Louie Reply:

    i mean i guess one can buy the frames, but how would i get the lenses?

  9. Salocin Reply:

    Regular contacts rather than ones for astigmatism, I mean?

    My prescription is:

    Right eye:
    Sphere: -5.75, Cylinder: -75, Axis: 150, Base Curve: 87.

    Left eye:
    Sphere: -6.00, Cylinder: -75, Axis: 10, Base Curve: 87.
    Also, would my contacts be cheaper if I have insurance? How much cheaper?

  10. Aliska Reply:

    I know its latin, but what does it stand for and what does it mean? Does anybody know what website i can go to so that i can view other latin abbreviation used in medicine? thanks.

  11. Stephanie Campos Reply:

    My doctor often writes prescriptions long before the medication has actually run out. Is there some point where a prescription “expires”, meaning that the pharmacy would send me back to my doctor to get a more recent one? (I’m hoping to fill a prescription that’s about 4 months old)

  12. Nikki-leigh Reply:

    I mean if you’re nearsighted, how strong does it have to be before your eye doctor will allow you to get contacts please?

  13. Stefy Reply:

    Percoset RX and not sure if still good was filled a little over a year ago.
    The RX bottle doesn’t have an expiration date on it, just the date it was originally filled

  14. Iga Reply:

    There is a magazinew Fitness Rx. I have also seen it used other places in other ways.
    There is a magazine Fitness Rx. I have also seen the Rx used after other health or fitness related titles/topics.

  15. Daniela Reply:

    Do they? I got a couple of Rx only(which apparently means prescription only) lenses from a optical store(or whatever they are called) by only checking the power of my glasses, after some googling and learning about Rx I’m a it scared to put it on, Would it be safe?

  16. Zion Reply:

    How does that happen that RX means prescription?

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