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Are herpes bumps hard?

Herpes bumps are sores much like insect bites! Got Questions?? Ask ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Patsy Reply:

    Areiclts like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

  2. Sharleen Reply:

    If you have developed white or red areas on your tongue, or hard lumps or sores, oral herpes, which will cause sores to develop on the front of the tongue as Source:

  3. Loralee Reply:

    There should be no doubt that at some point genital herpes blisters do resemble pimples but more often than not it is very hard to make that mistake. An infection

  4. Tandy Reply:

    The herpes blisters are usually about one to three millimeters in size and grow in clusters. Keep in mind you can have herpes without ever showing symptoms. Source:

  5. Sol Reply:

    no it is not herpes in itself like very serious, what your refferering too are colesaws , and i think its like the same brand of virus just not permanent or harmful, but always be weary of these kinda things , :) Source:

  6. Glory Reply:

    Not hard at all Source:

  7. Vina Reply:

    Small, painless hard bumps on lips that’s NOT herpes? First off, I know what herpes simplex. For the past month, I have had two tiny is, and this is NOT it hard bumps on my l

  8. Willie Reply:

    Not like youre describing!I cant see what this has to do with Chlamydiaor your chances for syphilis!!I would guess theyre Fordyces spotsyou can google them most men have themand they are harmlessnot contagious!No more unsafe than kissing!+

  9. Jannette Reply:

    Most herpes lesions are rough and quite painful, especially during urination, so you I got about two or three bumps, they were hard and didn't really hurt till I

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