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Can herpes be spread by sharing food?

Herpes can be spread by sharing food or drink with a person with active cold sores,Contact with the eating utensils, razors,towels Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Genia Reply:

    Herpes simplex can be transmitted via intercourse and oral sex, but can also spread sharing food or drinks, if someone has an oral outbreak of herpes simplex Source:

  2. Avril Reply:

    Dec 16, 2010 Can herpes be spread through sharing drinks and meals? Does a reoccuring painless rough patch on the lip an indicator of herpes? You can’t

  3. Alda Reply:

    Only by ingesting food that is affected…or handling the food, then putting your hands in/near your mouth. Proper food preparations (cooking meat to right temperature) and proper hygiene (washing hands before and after preparing food) dram… Source:

  4. Danita Reply:

    It is possible, but not very likely, I wouldn’t worry about it. And if it doesn’t go away, well, then you’ll know. Source:

  5. Ha Reply:

    Mono is usually transmitted though saliva and mucus – which is where the ‘ kissing disease’ nickname comes from. Source:

  6. Chere Reply:

    Can Herpes be spread by sharing a washing machine with someone who has herpes?

  7. Leticia Reply:

    You people should all pass 5th grade before attempting to act like lawyers! Seriously 90% of the population has oral herpes aka cold sores! he probably already had them! you can sue for anything nowadays but a judge would laugh you right out of the court house! only people intentionally spreading HIV can be convicted! and even that is a long shot and extremely rare! For one you are responsible for who you hook up with! You need to know their medical history before doing anything with them! And you would have to prove that particular person gave you the oral herpes! That would be impossible since almost everyone has them and youve likely kissed other people, shared drinks, etc! And btw cold sores (HSV 1) ARE exactly the same things as HSV 2 they are just in a different place!

  8. Rosaline Reply:

    Can you spread herpes from sharing a pipe? Yes. Can chlamydia be spread from sharing the same food? Chlamydia can not be spread from sharing the same

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