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Can herpes be transferred through food?

No! Herpes Simplex is transfer with skin to skin contact! Even if you shared food, you would not get it that way! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Larae Reply:

    Herpes simplex can be transmitted via intercourse and oral sex, but can also spread food or drinks, if someone has an oral outbreak of herpes simplex Type 2. Source:

  2. Gracie Reply:

    Dec 16, 2010 Can herpes be spread through sharing drinks and meals? Does a reoccuring painless rough patch on the lip an indicator of herpes? You can’t

  3. Lou Reply:

    producers Source:

  4. Armanda Reply:

    Only about 10% of the energy available at one level of the food chain is available for use by organisms in the next level. For example, if you begin with an energy level of 2000, only 200 would be available at the next level, 20 at the next… Source:

  5. Lana Reply:

    Energy is transferred through a food chain by the consumers eating the producers and/or other consumers. Source:

  6. Bernie Reply:

    14. Fast food restaurants keep food hot with infrared lamps. The heat is transferred to the food by ____.? condensation conduction convection radiation

  7. Gabriel Reply:

    Ulcers can be destroyed using antiseptic mouthwash! It is better to get a diagnosis from your doctor!Nobody on Yahoo Answers will be able to tell you if you have got Herpes!

  8. Michaela Reply:

    Chlamydia can not be spread from sharing the same food. How can you spread herpes? Herpes is spread from person to person by direct skin-to-skin contact

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