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Can you die from Herpes?

No you can not die from Herpes but it may cause potentially fatal infections in babies and increases your risk of getting HIV/AIDS! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joleen Reply:

    Can You Die From the Disease Shingles? Shingles (herpes zoster) is a painful condition that can occur in individuals who have experienced outbreaks of Source:

  2. Bobette Reply:

    Herpes does not do normally cause serious health problems when contracted by healthy adults, although it can cause longer-lasting outbreaks in those with compromised immune systems. Babies born to herpes-infected mothers, however, may die o

  3. Natasha Reply:

    how many peoplw each year died from genital herpes Source:

  4. Fran Reply:

    30 million Source:

  5. Ashton Reply:

    Almost nobody dies from herpes or complications; it is not fatal. Source:

  6. Lianne Reply:

    What 80’s Song has chorus that sounds Die Die-Die Die” followed by 5 notes? Might be from early 1990 like: “Die Die Die Die Die Die’s. Those notes after the line sound a littl

  7. Elnora Reply:

    I have never heard of anyone dying from herpes of any variety! It can cause horrible painful outbreaks of canker like sores, usually in tender locations! On the other hand, it is not curable, so once you have it, you have it! They do have a drug to reduce the strength and longevity of the breakups now! It seems to work, so if you are suffering from these breakouts, see your doctor and ask about it!

  8. Deane Reply:

    How can you die from herpes? Herpes viruses exist in a number of forms. Herpes simplex is a cold sore and not usually a big problem. Herpes Zoster is

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