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Can you get a STDs from kissing?

Oral herpes (usually called cold sores or fever blisters) is caused by a viral infection and can be transmitted by kissing! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Marjory Reply:

    Many people believe that you can contract HIV through casual contact, like HIV can only be spread through kissing if both partners have open sores or cuts in Source:

  2. Danelle Reply:

    no. std’s are spread through the genitals and their fluids, mostly, so not from kissing. you can get oralherpes, mono, etc., but not std’s. however, you can spread some std’s through blood, so I hope you didn’t bite your lip :)

  3. Theresa Reply:

    It’s possible to catch herpes just from kissing on the mouth. Experts believe the risk of catching HIV from kissing is low. Source:

  4. Carma Reply:

    Syphilis in theory can be transmitted by kissing, but that’s rare. Oral herpes, while not an STD, can be transmitted by kissing. Source:

  5. Sydney Reply:

    STD’s that can be transmitted by kissing are Herpesm HPV(warts) and syphilis. Source:

  6. Illa Reply:

    is it possible to get stds from just kissing someone?

  7. Toby Reply:

    Ok the girl above me is an idiot! Yes its possible to catch STD from kissing! Very easily actually! Herpes, Syphilis, Chlamydia and all that good stuff can be transmitted through kissing! But ONLY if the disease is located on the mouth itself! Second of all, why are you doubting information from a Educational Textbook?? You think the books lying or something??

  8. Roseann Reply:

    It is highly unlikely that you will get HIV from open mouthed kissing.. The only reason why the CDC cautions against it, is in cases where both people have open

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