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Can you get herpes by sharing drinks?

Yes, if someone has a cold sore, which is caused by herpes, and you share a drink with them, you can possibly catch it! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Luciana Reply:

    Sharing personal items, such as towels, razors, lipstick or cigarettes, with infected people Some people drink out of the same cup, bottle or container that an infected person uses, and Can You Get Herpes 2 If Your Partner Isn't Infected? Source:

  2. Ronnie Reply:

    It is unlikely that you will get herpes from sharing a drink. But you still should not share drinks with anyone, because sharing drinks is a quick way to spread a cold or the flu!

  3. Allegra Reply:

    It is least easily spread when the sores have healed, the scabs have fallen off, and the skin is normal again. It is very..more? Source:

  4. Lizabeth Reply:

    1 Plain water bottle 65 Find a drink with a plastic cap . (Deer Creek, Simply H2o, Spring, Sports drinks, etc.) Just make sure that whatever drink you get, it has a plastic cap on it. 2 Poke this into your bottle! Get a tack or pen if you p… Source:

  5. Joette Reply:

    Herpes is spread by direct contact (touching, kissing, rubbing) with the sores or blisters, so it is pretty high. Source:

  6. Rana Reply:

    can u get herpes by sharing sores present ? i think i might hav drinks? can you get herpes from or a cigarette with them someone by sharing a cup ? >.< what if they didnt have

  7. Michael Reply:

    Well, first of all it would depend whether or not you were talking about someone with oral herpes or not! If she only has it genitally there is NO WAY you could get it from a drink! If she has oral herpes – HSV1 which is EXTREMELY common it is possible to spread it through a shared glass!Herpes is spread through skin to skin contact and the virus does not live very long outside the body! That is why its rare if at all to get it from a toilet seat!!!!but when people eat/drink after each other they are often doing it right after one another! If she doesnt have oral herpes you cant get it!!!but its not a good idea to be sharing drinks with others anyway!!!!!

  8. Yun Reply:

    Can you get herpes by sharing drinks or lip gloss? yes. What is the percentage of getting herpes from sharing a drink? none. Can chlamydia be spread by

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