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Can you get herpes from a toilet seat?

Because the virus dies quickly outside of the body, it’s nearly impossible to get the infection through contact with toilets or though a handshake! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Fairy Reply:

    STDs can only be contracted from a toilet seat if it is grossly contaminated, if the bodily fluids are still moist Facts About Herpes The chances of you getting exposed by sitting on a toilet seat is very minimal unless it is grossly contaminated Source:

  2. Rochel Reply:

    "Stay" by Lisa Loeb Source:

  3. Ladawn Reply:

    To replace your old and broken toilet seat, start by removing the bolts that are holding the old one on. Align the new seat with the holes on the toilet and bolt it on. For more information look here:… Source:

  4. Edra Reply:

    To change a toilet seat you will need to unscrew the seat from the base of the toilet. Screw the new toilet seat in the same spot using the same screw heads. Source:

  5. Charolette Reply:

    Can you get herpes from a he got herpes from the toilet seat? My boyfriend told me that toliet seat. Is this achully true, or is he cheating on me.

  6. Junie Reply:

    What you read is right, NO you cant get herpes from a toilet seat! Herpes doesnt live for more then seconds on dry surfaces that includes toilet seats! You also cant pass herpes from sharing a toilet seat! Herpes is almost always passed through skin to skin contact like kissing, having oral sex or sexual intercourse Its very rare to get herpes from a toilet seat!HSV2 usually comes from having sexual intercourse with some one who has herpes!HSV1 you can get from kissing some one that has cold sores! If you have ever had a cold sore before then you will test positive for HSV1, but like a lot of other people you will most likely have it on your mouth!

  7. Lavone Reply:

    My recommendation is to do as much of your own research as possible, and my opinion is that you CANNOT catch herpes from a toilet seat if you at least wipe

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