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Can you get it inside your mouth?

Cold sores (symptoms of herpes) typically form on the outside of the mouth, though some internal infection is possible! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Marjorie Reply:

    Can You Have Herpes Inside Your Mouth?. Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is the virus that causes cold sores. Although these generally appear outside the Source:

  2. In Reply:

    You can get sores inside your mouth that are similar to cold sores, but may be caused by a bacteria. They’re called canker sores.

  3. Iola Reply:

    Canker sores are those sores that occur on the inside your mouth with a grayish rim. The cause is unknown but stress, nutrition and allergies are capable of triggering these oval nuisances. Lasting only one to two weeks, canker sores tend t… Source:

  4. Evonne Reply:

    Biting your tongue, literally, really hurts, as do most cuts inside the mouth or along the gum line. Fortunately, most of these cuts are minor and heal quickly due to the network of blood vessels in the mouth area. You can treat these minor… Source:

  5. Maurine Reply:

    Some things that cause sores inside the mouth are foods high in acid content. Eating alot of citrus foods will cause your mouth to become sore and cause you to bite your gums and lips inside your mouth and not realize you have done it, unti… Source:

  6. Danyelle Reply:

    The inside of my mouth feels cold all the time. There are no sores, my mouth looks normal inside. Just cold.? The coldness feels like I just ate a Halls. It’s my tongue, pale

  7. Queenie Reply:

    Its pretty complicated actually! It depends on what part of your range youre singing in, as well as what type of tone youre trying to use! For really smooth vocals, typically youll feel a vibration in the front of the hard pallete of your mouth! If you want to make Layne Staley type vocals (i!e! Intro to Man In the Box) youll feel the vibration at the back of the hard pallette!As far as the part of your range youre in, in your lowest part, you should feel the vibration in your throat, almost like a tickle at the back of your throat! In the mid range, you should feel it about at nostril level! And in the highest parts of your range, the vibration is typically near the nasal cavities and across the cheek bones!

  8. Lilli Reply:

    Can sperm live inside your mouth? Yes, but not for long. Swallow, then next chance your get use mouthwash and brush your teeth. Why does your dog lick you

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