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Can you spread type 1 herpes without an outbreak?

Yes, type 1 herpes can be spread with or without an outbreak showing! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Dara Reply:

    Sadly, yes, it is possible to spread genital herpes without an outbreak. What Can I Do to Limit my Chances of Spreading Herpes? Herpes type 1 (human herpesvirus-1 or HHV-1, also known as HSV-1) is the virus primarily responsible for Source:

  2. Conchita Reply:

    Herpes Type one genitally can be spread only during an outbreak I have read that nearly 80% of the worlds population has contracted some form of type 1 herpes. Further, you might want to get tested yourself, and even intentionally without obvious genital herpes sores can still transmit the illness.

  3. Lesia Reply:

    It can be spread through asympomatic shedding. According to one article during the first year of Genital HSV2 infection a person is shedding 6-10% of the time. This lessens over the course of time. It is supposed to be less if using suppres… Source:

  4. Gearldine Reply:

    Herpes is spread by skin-to-skin contact and sexual contact. A person does not have to be having an outbreak to pass it on. Source:

  5. Leanora Reply:

    Unfortunately there have been no medical studies on this. But, this is actually the most common way for herpes to be spread. Source:

  6. Helena Reply:

    Herpes Type one genitally can be spread only during an outbreak 80% of the worlds population has correct? I have read that nearly contracted some form of type 1 herpes. I hav

  7. Raymonde Reply:

    You have gotten yourself in quite a quandry! Im not going to give advice because I would be angry right now too with this diagnosis! But, what I am going to comment on is that some of the information you have been given is incorrect! The newest literature now shows that the herpes virus can be passed even when one person is not having an outbreak so I think that answers your question about condoms every time you have sex! Youll figure out what to do with the rest!

  8. Lawrence Reply:

    There are two types of herpes viruses, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both types can infect both If you dont have an outbreak can you spread herpes? Yes. Can shingles

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